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iOS 14 reveals secrets of the iPhone 9 and the new iPad Pro

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iOS 14 reveals secrets of the iPhone 9 and the new iPad Pro


The iOS 14 code that hit the Internet inadvertently revealed some information about Apple's upcoming products. That said, the 9to5Mac team found information about the iPhone 9, the new iPad Pro and Apple TV.

iOS 14 reveals secrets of the iPhone 9 and the new Ipad Pro

The information found in the code confirms something that we were already waiting for. The iPhone 9 will bring the Touch ID of the world of the dead. So you can count on a fingerprint reader built into the home button. This contradicts some information that stated that the new “cheaper” device from Apple would bet on Face ID. In addition, this smartphone will guarantee support for Express Transit, which allows the payment of public transport in London, New York, Portland, Japan, Beijing and Shanghai. “Express” means that no authentication is required.

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With regard to the new iPad Pro models, the iOS 14 code reveals a triple camera configuration at the rear, along with a 3D ToF sensor. This will align the iPad's photo features with the latest iPhone models. Of course, there should not be many people using the iPad Pro for photography, but it is always a premium device and as such this feature will be well received. The ToF sensor will be a boon to Apple's augmented reality kit. Thus, this year's iPhones are also expected to integrate ToF sensors.

In the meantime, Apple is working on a new Apple TV and a new remote to replace the current Siri Remote. However, a new app will transform this box into a music player and not just while you exercise.

Last but not least, Apple is developing systems that can help you in case you lose an object. AirTags will be easy to set up and will have batteries that can be replaced by the user.

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