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iPhone 12 5G: battery capacity is disappointing!

by ace

Information about the Apple world keeps coming to the Internet. Some reveal new things, others confirm what we already knew. Right now, there are some things already known about the new iPhones. Right away, some of the four new iPhone models that will be launched in the fall of 2020, the iPhone 12, 12 Max, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, can arrive without a charger. Eventually, the iPhone 12 5G and 12 Max will be cheaper. Anyway, they would come with the 5W chargers from Apple that nobody likes to use anymore. Meanwhile, Apple will provide a separate 20W charger for those looking for faster charging. However, what I was not sure about was the capacities of the batteries. But now we know.

iPhone 12 5G: battery capacity is disappointing!

The MySmartPrice site found the alleged certifications at 3C and other organizations, revealing the mystery. So let’s look at the capabilities of Apple’s four models.

Right away the standard model, that is, the iPhone 12 of 5.4 inches arrives with a battery of 2227mAh. If this were an Android we were unfortunate since it wouldn’t last. However, considering that it is a device with an operating system made to measure and with excellent energy management, we have a full day’s charge.

Right next we have the iPhone 12 Max with a 6.1 inch screen. This device has a 2775mAh battery. Then the iPhone 12 Pro arrives. The battery has 2775 mAh. Finally, there is the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a 6.7 inch screen. In this case the battery is 3687 mAh. It really has to be big to be able to support the screen.

Does this mean that the humble iPhone 12 Max will have a better battery life than the iPhone 12 Pro? No doubt. Is that the 12 Max, is really the successor of the iPhone 11 and will probably have a lower screen resolution than the Pro model. Still, the panel of the iPhone 12 Max will be of the OLED type instead of this year’s LCD variant.

Apple is also expected to use a more energy efficient Apple A14 processor, developed with the same 5 nm production technology. Therefore, this can also compensate for smaller battery sizes.

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