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(iPhone 12) Apple wants to launch smartphones without a charger?

by ace

The most recent rumors and leaks suggest a new range of Apple iPhone smartphones that is much more affordable, with the cheapest model hitting the shelves at $ 550! (Obviously, don’t expect this price in Portugal)

However, it appears that this cut in price is accompanied by a cut in the things that come in the box to accompany the smartphone… After all, it seems that Apple is planning not only to remove EarPods (the wired headsets that come with all iPhones), but you are also planning to remove the charger to sell it separately!

What better way to make money than to launch a cheaper smartphone, but then sell the charger separately?

(iPhone 12) Apple wants to launch smartphones without a charger?

Therefore, Apple came to the conclusion that an excellent way to cut the price of its devices, is also to cut the ‘extras’ that come inside your box. What apparently also includes the charger … Something strange, but that could make perfect sense for fans of the apple world.

After all, if you already have an iPhone at home, you can simply re-use the ‘old’ charger, otherwise you can buy the new 20W fast charger that Apple is planning to launch next September.

Interestingly, even the iPhone SE 2020 launched in April should lose its charger at the end of the year. Of course, removing the wireless headphones from the box will undoubtedly increase sales for the highly successful AirPods.

A strategy that has everything to be successful in the eyes of Apple, but that will surely open the doors of enjoyment in the rivalry iOS vs Android… A new phone without a charger? Isn’t this too ‘next level’?

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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