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iPhone 12 Pro: Apple prepares the biggest all-in ever!

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iPhone 12 Pro: Apple prepares the biggest all-in ever!

Apple is giving everything for the preparation of the new iPhone and in fact a new leak has revealed features that will make the iPhone 12 Pro, a heavyweight in the smartphone market. Screen, Face ID, night mode and portrait mode are some of the main highlights of the new version.

iPhone 12 Pro: Apple prepares the biggest all-in ever!

One of the big improvements on the iPhone 12 Pro is the 120MHz ProMotion screen. This means that the panel will be on the same line as other high-end competitors in the Android world. However, this manufacturer may be able to do something even better. I speak specifically of achieving this high refresh rate without sacrificing the resolution of the screen.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The leak reveals that Apple engineers ignored 90Hz since the main objective was to put a 120Hz panel. In fact and considering that Apple bet on the iPad Pro it makes sense to do the same on the iPhone.

ProMotion means that the screen will be smart enough to switch between refresh rates, based on the content on the screen. That said, it can change between 120Hz, 60Gz or even 24, depending on what we are playing or the movie we choose. For a simple task like navigating a website, the update rate can be reduced to guarantee greater autonomy.

However, as we speak of this, the iPhone 12 Pro will have a large battery, compared to its predecessor. This is really necessary due to the high update rate it will provide but also because of the support for 5G.

With regard to 120Hz, it is a feature that will be present in the Pro model. The others arrive with a 60Hz screen.

In the case of Face ID, Apple will reduce the size of the monocle that integrates these components, which will also be smaller. However, despite the small size, Apple wants to improve accuracy. Face ID on the iPhone 20 Pro will not only work at greater angles, but will also be entitled to a special algorithm to more precisely identify certain features of the face.

However, Leak does not confirm whether Face ID will work when the iPhone is in horizontal mode, but it would be interesting if this happened.

The video that revealed these details says that Apple tested a 64 megapixel sensor for this equipment but gave up on it due to the performance of autofocus. Thus, the new iPhone will have a 12 megapixel camera, but with improved autofocus performance two or three times.

This is due to the new LiDAR sensor which will also contribute to improving performance in low light conditions. This is combined with electronic low-light image stabilization, super-slow-motion video, astrophotography and night mode.

The portrait mode will also be improved due to the LiDAR sensor. Apple is also testing videos in this mode but this is probably only ready for the iPhone 13.

Smart HDR will also be improved and has a more advanced noise reduction system. The telephoto camera will support 3x optical zoom as well as night mode. We will also have improvements in the digital zoom that will go up to 30x, due to the performance of the A14 chipset.

iPhone 12 Pro: Apple prepares the biggest all-in ever!

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