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iPhone SE 2020: camera test leaves Apple to boil!

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iPhone SE 2020: camera test leaves Apple to boil!

It is true that the iPhone SE has hit the market with great outstanding honors. You can read our review here. However, if there was a Plus model with a larger screen it could have been even more successful. Still, hype doesn’t in itself mean that everything is perfect. In fact this proves the latest test to the camera, or rather to the cameras of the second generation iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 2020: camera test leaves Apple boiling!

The main camera of the iPhone SE (2020) won 101 points. This means that this model is not in the top ten or in the top 20 of DxOMark. In dxomark’s overall ranking, the iPhone SE is surpassed by 36 smartphone models, including the HTC U12+ 2018, Asus ZenFone 6, Motorola Edge+ and Xiaomi Mi 9. In practice, the results are on an equal footing with the iPhone XR 2018 and the more affordable Google Pixel 3a.

In the photos, the iPhone SE (2020) scored 103 points and, at the level of videos 98. DxOMark experts report that in many ways the iPhone SE (2020) achieves a quality comparable to the more expensive iPhone 11. However, because there is only one camera loses in zoom and bokeh effect. In addition, the lack of a wide-angle module is a significant disadvantage compared to the iPhone 11.

As for the front camera, things are a little better.

The smartphone is in the top twenty. The iPhone SE (2020) scored 84 points on average, behind 16 models in the DxOMark rankings. With similar results we find the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

On the other hand, the second generation iPhone SE is one of the best smartphones in the world in terms of sound recording quality.

Looking at the results let’s summarize the main strengths and facts. At the level of what is positive we have a good exposure with most types of light from the outset. We also have a well controlled dynamic range abroad. The colors are vivid and pleasant. We also have good details abroad and even using the flash.

In the cons we highlight the weakest zoom at medium and long distances. We also have little exposure with low light and few details. When the brightness is dim the autofocus also does not work as well. Night shots have a lot of noise when there’s no flash.

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