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IPhone SE 2020 Mini-Review: small on the outside, giant on the inside!

by ace
IPhone SE 2020 Mini-Review: small on the outside, giant on the inside!

There are iPhones that generate real madness at the time of launch. Whether by design, or features, there is always something to say. It was like that with the iPhone X, the iPhone 11 and so many others that were hitting the market. Now the apple giant has decided to escape what is normally the rule and launch a “cheaper” iPhone again with some design changes compared to the previous model. The new iPhone SE is smaller and lighter. It also comes with the popular button that disappeared due to the introduction of Face ID. Was it a good move? That's what we're going to find out in this iPhone SE 2020 Mini-Review.

IPhone SE 2020 Mini-Review: small on the outside, big on the inside!

With a lower price, more modest features also arrive. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. There are users who do not need outstanding details for daily use. They do need equipment that works and that is mostly simple to use, something that iOS has already accustomed us to.

IPhone SE 2020 Mini Review:

That said, in this cheaper device, one of the main differentiating elements between iPhone SE and iPhone 11 is that we have a single camera. I remember that the iPhone 11 has dual cameras and we also have the iPhone 11 Pro with three. Still, this is not a factor that will lead people to not buy the iPhone SE. Is that the new bet from Apple continues to give access to several top features.

So we have the slow-motion footage that we all enjoy, 4K video capture up to 60fps, time-lapse and also in-camera portrait mode for selfies. We also have the possibility to define aspects related to the background of the image we just captured and the light effects. For this, the iPhone SE has a 12 megapixel wide-angle camera and also the A13 chipset. Another important feature is without doubt the Smart HDR. It is the technology used by iPhone 11 to recognize people and create better shadows and highlights.

IPhone SE 2020 Mini Review

Another very interesting aspect of this equipment is also the ability to use the portrait mode for animals, as well as the night mode which is a very important feature of the iPhone 11. Of course, it may not be quite the same, yet the iPhone SE behaves very well.

IPhone SE 2020 Mini-Review: at the design level I can say that 4.7 inches can be frightening at the start.

In fact, in recent years I have always been used to equipment with large screens. Incidentally, at the time I did not adapt well to the iPhone 8, when I tested it, for that very reason. Comparatively, the iPhone X was undoubtedly more “my wave”.

IPhone SE 2020 Mini Review

When I picked up this device for the first time, I had the same feeling of returning to the iPhone 8. However, perhaps because I currently carry iPhone X due to an article I am preparing, it no longer seemed so strange. It was that last time I switched from a Huawei P20 Pro to an iPhone 8 for testing reasons and then I did the same later with the P30 Pro. Then the differences are huge in terms of size. However, from iPhone X to iPhone SE this year it is nothing that has much impact. Still, although the two seem to have the same size in hand, when we turn on the screen the differences are striking. This is due to the very thick upper and lower frames.

IPhone SE 2020 Mini Review

As with the iPhone 11, the iPhone SE is also made of glass and aluminum.

We also have a Retina display, simply HD. I simply say HD compared to Liquid Retina HD or Super Retina XDR. However, it is resistant to water and dust. As with the iPhone 11, there is no headphone outlet and we are entitled to wireless charging with certified chargers.

In such a small device the battery could never be as large and powerful as in larger devices. Still, we still have about 40 hours of listening to music and up to 13 hours of video, which is pretty good.

IPhone SE 2020 Mini-Review: small on the outside, giant on the inside!

The iPhone SE has a good card up its sleeve compared to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

It has the same chipset as the iPhone 11. In other words, although smaller and in the few hours I used it, it is an excellent equipment for playing and editing video with various Adobe applications.

I just talked about the thick frames and in the case of the lower one there is a strong reason. The home button is back for use with Touch ID. In other words, we used our thumbs again to unlock the equipment. This device arrives with iOS 13 and everything we are used to in this operating system.

IPhone SE 2020 Mini-Review: small on the outside, giant on the inside!

Speaking of habits, I have been walking as I mentioned with an iPhone X due to some articles that I am preparing. Of course, I started using Face ID with him. Now when I started using Touch ID again, I thought it would be hard to get used to. However, the exact opposite happened. It's just that we put the thumb in all simplicity and that's it. We unlock the equipment with ease. It's just that now with the use of the mask having Face ID activated can be a bad idea.

Now a big question comes. How worthwhile is it to buy the new iPhone SE?

It all depends on how you use the equipment. If your goal is to always have top-of-the-range on hand and let yourself be carried away by all the latest news that this brand has to offer then perhaps it is worth waiting for the iPhone 12. Of course, it also depends on each one's wallet. However, if you don't even like smartphones that are too big but still want a device that works and with a super processor without having a hole in your wallet, then iPhone SE is an excellent option.

IPhone SE 2020 Mini-Review: small on the outside, giant on the inside!

For me in the Apple ecosystem, iPhones are not necessarily measured by memory and processor. In fact, what we want is equipment that works. As a matter of fact, for the sake of testing, I temporarily moved from a Huawei P40 Pro to an iPhone X and am totally satisfied with the equipment.

My first impression in this mini-review of the iPhone SE 2020 is that it is really an excellent device. It is true that it is significantly smaller than the smartphones I usually use. In fact at the time I had a lot of difficulty getting used to the iPhone 8, although now with an iPhone X in the middle it was much easier. Despite not having the same hardware as the iPhone 11, especially at the camera level, it achieves very good results. In addition, we have another phenomenal thing. It integrates the same high-end processor as the iPhone 11. This means that this small smartphone is great inside. All of this for about half the price of a top-of-the-range Apple.

However, after this Mini-Review on the iPhone SE 2020, I will now need a few days to prepare a more complete analysis and see if I really adapt to using this equipment as my daily smartphone. Who will win? Size or performance?

The new equipment is now available for sale from 499 Euros on GMS Store. More information can be found on here.

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IPhone SE 2020 Mini-Review: small on the outside, giant on the inside!

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