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Is a ghost on the loose haunting Google Maps?

by ace
Is a ghost on the loose haunting Google Maps?

Sometimes Google Maps images go viral. Especially when they are bizarre or have something supernatural. In fact, there are people who are dedicated to browsing this platform and especially Google Street View to discover strange things. Some images can even be easily explained, others not so much. From dogs driving cars, to pools of blood on buildings, Google Maps has it all.

Google Maps?

Is a ghost on the loose haunting Google Maps?

Of course, when users discover these images they spread quickly through social networks like Twitter or Reddit for everyone to see. This is exactly what happened with this screenshot that is circulating on the Internet.

Is a ghost on the loose haunting Google Maps?

Seen in the middle of the mountains of Azerbaijan, for many it can be proof that ghosts exist. For others it can be a simple image problem.

This event takes place on a road in a valley between two mountains. It is in this somewhat abandoned scenario that we see a deserted path and an old car that seems to have no one.

However, this is not the most interesting part. It is that next to him we see part of some legs and feet. Further to the left is another foot and part of a leg. Everything seems to belong to the same person but the rest of the body is invisible.

Is a ghost on the loose haunting Google Maps?

There is no doubt in my mind that this was a failure of the Google Maps 360 degree camera. However the Internet is boiling over with this subject and there are hundreds of comments about the ghostly apparition.

However, there was another issue in January that generated a lot of buzz about Google Maps. At that time it was debated whether or not there was blood on the roof. The story is simple. A Google Maps user was browsing the American city of Salt Lake City in satellite mode when he detected something really strange. What appeared to be the normal image of a residential neighborhood, there was something very strange if we looked very closely. In fact, one building in particular gave the impression that there was something very sinister.

If you are curious you can read more about it here.


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Is a ghost on the loose haunting Google Maps?

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