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Is there still an Apple vs. Microsoft (Mac vs. PC) war?

by ace
Is there still an Apple vs. Microsoft (Mac vs. PC) war?

Do you know the story of how Microsoft stole a lot of Windows inspiration from the work Apple was doing on its own operating system? Well, that Bill Gates ‘theft’ caused Steve Jobs to wage a war of epic proportions with his rival. A war that obviously also had other manufacturers in the mix, as Microsoft only provided the software and not the hardware, as Apple did.

A war that is basically summed up as Mac vs PC! Which one is the best? But does this ‘war’ still exist? Don't feel old … But no, there is no …

In fact, I think the artist ‘xkcd'Sums up the current war very well with this image:

Is there still an Apple vs. Microsoft (Mac vs. PC) war?

That is, the war is over, but there are still some scars that create some resistance among fans. In addition, there is another war, more recent and quite different from the old one.

In fact, in the aftermath ‘Mac vs PC’, we have some curiosities! After all, although the Mac was never focused on the business market, it is now getting some penetration. Since IBM has already made it public that it is 3x more expensive to manage PCs than Macs. This is because Microsoft has lost some of its ingenuity in this world, after trying to try to enter the market that Apple dominates.

Having said all this, in a very curious way, the old 'Mac vs PC' war evolved and changed one of the players! We are obviously talking about Android vs iOS (Google vs Apple). Do you know why? Because real money is no longer in the PC world, but in the smartphone world! And in this most recent war, Microsoft even tried to do something by betting on Nokia and its Windows Phone, but it quickly had to flee to make room for Google and Apple.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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Is there still an Apple vs. Microsoft (Mac vs. PC) war?

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