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Laptops with retractable keyboard? Looks like the future!

by ace
Laptops with retractable keyboard? Looks like the future!

Apple is the number 1 enemy of thick devices, proof of which is what it has done in its range of MacBook laptops, where it is constantly trying to cut millimetres to the body of the systems, to offer the lightest and sexiest machine possible.

Well, after the ‘fail’ of the keyboards of the latest MacBooks… It’s time to innovate once again! That is, it’s time to welcome the retractable keyboards!

Laptops with ‘retractable’ keyboard? Looks like the future!

So while Apple continues to have immense success in the world of laptops, the truth is that a good laptop, also has to have a good keyboard… Otherwise, the day-to-day experience will fall well short of what is expected.

The problem is that as the hardware gets more powerful, it is also necessary to find more powerful cooling systems to keep temperatures low. What is clear means taking up some space inside the body of the devices! However, it seems that Apple already has a solution to this problem!

Very briefly, Apple wants to continue its ‘quest’ in the search for the thinnest laptop possible, while not wanting to compromise the temperatures inside the machine. Therefore, he registered a patent showing a design with retractable keyboard. So, when closed, the laptop collects the keyboard, getting super thin… And of course, when it’s opened, the keyboard returns to its original position to be able to offer good writing quality without compromising everything else.

Interestingly, Apple isn’t even the first to think about this solution, since IBM has already touched this idea with a keyboard that expanded to the sides of the laptop. But as you might imagine, Apple’s solution should be more complex, using mechanical or magnetic mechanisms to achieve its level of build quality.

That said, Apple can invent whatever it wants, users just want to see keyboards without ‘butterfly’ mechanisms! That truly, even today cause nightmares… I say so, that I have my MacBook Pro with this type of keyboard leaning against, because I no longer have shift, command, nor the letter ‘E’.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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