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Last update turns the Galaxy A70 into a paperweight!

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Last update turns the Galaxy A70 into a paperweight!

THE Samsung released the One UI 2.0 update based on Android 10 for the Galaxy A70 a few days ago. At the same time this company also released, in some markets, the April 2020 security patch for the Galaxy M31. Those who downloaded and installed these updates got some nice paperweight to put on the table.

Last update turns the Galaxy A70 into a paperweight!

The South Korean giant has been upgrading several devices to One UI 2.0 (Android 10). That said, it was time for the Galaxy A70 launched in March 2019 to finally receive this update. But, unfortunately, it ended up blocking the devices. Samsung has already stopped distributing the update but has not yet explained why it was a problem.

Galaxy A70 update

According to the SamMobile website, the problem with the Samsung Galaxy A70 and the update to Android 10 is hardware related. That said, the user will need to visit a service center to replace the motherboard. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get around the situation.

Samsung used two different versions of the PCB to handle the loading and more. That said, whenever a new update is released, the PCB is also updated to support the latest firmware. But with the One UI 2.0 update to Android 10, Samsung forgot to include the code to update the PCB. Thus, the motherboard assumes that the battery is empty and prevents the smartphone from starting.

As we mentioned, Samsung stopped the update and now we have to wait for the new one.

In the case of the Galaxy M31, the device is affected by the April 2020 security patch. This update manages to block the equipment, which is certainly not good news.

The only solution to this problem is also to visit the nearest Samsung service center to install the new firmware.

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Last update turns the Galaxy A70 into a paperweight!

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