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Launch of the Jaguar XJ 100% electric again postponed?

by ace

The automotive market is currently in a very interesting phase of transition, since nowadays any manufacturer has in its plans the development or complete transition to electric models (hybrids or 100% electric cars).

Something that is obviously having a huge impact on the entire industry, especially now in these COVID times. After all, we already had major manufacturers announcing mass layoffs before the pandemic spread. Something that will certainly not change now.

The 100% electric Jaguar XJ will be the new flagship of this manufacturer! But insist on reaching the market …

Everything that is happening has caused some delays in the development and subsequent launch of models super desired by enthusiasts. Where of course, we have the new Jaguar XJ 100% electric. If you don’t know, Jaguar is currently cutting all non-essential costs to try to survive.

Having said all this, very briefly, one of the reasons for the constant delay of this model is that it is not on the list of most profitable cars of the company! So it is not at all a priority. (This is now on the side of the much more profitable SUVs)

Meanwhile, a Jaguar spokesperson has already come out to the public to try to rest fans in the electrical world, saying that “The Jaguar XJ has been the top of the range since 1970. And as such, our engineers continue to work for the creation of the next electric generation, without compromises. However, emerging situations will affect our current plans ”.

Despite everything, Jaguar remains committed to ‘eventually’ launching its new top sedan!

In short, the new 100% electric Jaguar XJ wants to reach the market with sufficient capacity to face the Tesla Model S and also the future Mercedes-Benz EQS. So, despite the fact that countless prototypes have already given an air of grace on the test tracks, the truth is that the entire evolution of this model will be on stand-by … At least for a few months.

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