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(Leak / Rumor) NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti at the end of August !?

by ace
(Leak / Rumor) NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti at the end of August !?

Many of the events that NVIDIA could take advantage of for the launch of its new graphics cards have been delayed, or canceled due to the global pandemic caused by the new Coronavirus, COVID-19. In addition, interestingly, many ‘insiders’ have also come out to say that the current plan is to wait for the launch of AMD’s new RDNA2 architecture! Since several executives and project leaders within NVIDIA do not understand how the rival managed to produce such a powerful GPU for the new generation of consoles. (A component that can never be focused on performance, but on profitability and efficiency!)

Still, it looks like the giant and current leader in the GPU world is planning to launch its new super flagship in August. By the time COVID-19 should be giving a break to us all.

NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti at the end of August !? The mid-range models will be strong in Ray Tracing!


Therefore, a launch in late August seems to suggest an event taking advantage of the CGS (Cologne Game Show), which should take place between the 25th and 29th of this month. Something that makes perfect sense, since the RTX 2000 was announced at this same fair in 2018.

However, for now, this is all speculation! Since we should also have GDC and Hot Chips happening at the same time. (Although nothing has yet been confirmed, due to the current escalation of the epidemic in Europe and the United States.)

However, the new base architecture of the RTX 3080 Ti (Ampere) could be 40 ~ 50% faster than the current Turing! This, at the same time, should also bring big gains in terms of energy efficiency. However, it seems that all the rumors about the use of the 7nm process were unfounded, after all, it seems that the chosen process is Samsung's 10nm process (8LPP).

On top of all this, it seems that NVIDIA's big goal is to bring Ray Tracing to the masses! An excellent move, considering that the new generation consoles will have full support for the technology first launched by NVIDIA with the RTX 2000.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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