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Learn Android! iPhone 6S shows good performance with the new iOS 14

by ace

Apple announced the arrival of iOS 14 at the recent WWDC 2020, revealing many good news for the cracked apple’s mobile operating system. However, despite all the announcements of this event, it is undeniable that one of the most interesting things was the fact that the iPhone 6S will still receive the new iOS! We are talking about a smartphone that was launched in 2015, and that will receive iOS 14 at the same time as the iPhone X, iPhone Xs or iPhone 11 Pro.

That is, the iPhone 6S 2015 will be supported until at least 2021… 6 years of updates! Most likely, 4 years more than Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra, or other high-end devices in the Android world.

However, truth be told, by the smartphone receiving the OS, it does not mean that you will be able to ‘withstand’ it decently… But it does! Well done!

Learn Android! iPhone 6S shows good performance with the new iOS 14

Therefore, despite its age, the iPhone 6S has very sharp claws, presenting a very satisfactory level of performance taking into account its advanced age. Now see the video above.

The iPhone 6S does not present major navigation difficulties, be it the new Widgets, App Clips, or any other addition of iOS 14. In short, everything seems to be fluid and working perfectly in the ‘old man’.

In short, this is where Apple manages to grab consumers … This is where we find the big advantage in choosing an iPhone! The support is phenomenal! Why will a consumer leave the Apple ecosystem, if he can keep the same smartphone for 5/6 years, without losing performance?

The Android world should have this same facet, so we don’t see powerful devices like the Galaxy S8, being forgotten without new updates.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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