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(Mini-Review) Huawei Mate Xs: So … This is a real foldable!

by ace

Huawei Mate Xs: So … Is that the goal of having a foldable smartphone after all? – Huawei and Samsung went into a real war to see who could launch the first foldable in the smartphone market! A type of device that promises to be the great future of this segment, by guaranteeing the best of both worlds, portability and the possibility of having a large screen. (In the case of the Galaxy Z Flip, the focus is really on portability)

That said, Samsung passed the goal in first place by launching its Galaxy Fold, an interesting smartphone, but which in my opinion brought with it too many commitments. After all, for me, the secondary screen of the ‘Fold’ is too small for the device to be used with only one hand, immediately canceling one of the great advantages of the design, portability. (A defect that should be corrected in the next version, since the secondary screen will finally have decent dimensions.)

I can even give you the example I used in the analysis of the device itself. Well, on New Year’s Eve from 2019 to 2020, I had two options, or took the Mate 30 Pro or Galaxy Fold with me. Knowing that the probability of being robbed was 3x greater with the Galaxy Fold, due to the fact of having to open it to reply to messages or do something useful, I opted for Mate 30 Pro, a phone that is obviously not much more discreet, but that surely goes more unnoticed than a tablet that folds in half.

That said, I now have the Huawei Mate Xs under review!

A device that also serves as the first steps of a smartphone giant in this market. But that very curiously offers a much superior usage experience compared to Samsung’s first effort.

Obviously it also brings some compromises associated with the most fragile design, since the screen is always on the outside, which is not at all a good feeling to have when we spend € 2600 on a simple smartphone. But still, it is much more a 2 in 1 than Samsung’s rival, with a ‘closed’ screen with perfect dimensions for use with just one hand, even taking into account the thickness of the device.

But let’s go by parts.

(Mini-Review) Huawei Mate Xs: So… Is this a folding?


The mobile phone is basically made up of an 8 ”panel (2480 x 2200) that folded into an equally large 6.6” screen (2480 x 1148). We are talking about a screen without any kind of notch, capable of reaching very interesting levels of brightness, at the same time that it is able to offer vivid and true colors to reality.

Very briefly, this is the best foldable smartphone design you will find on the market!

Being far superior to what we can find in the Galaxy Fold, Z Flip or Moto RAZR. After all, the people around you will only notice that it is a foldable phone, if you open it right in front of your faces. Since you can use the device like any smartphone on the face of the earth, all thanks to its 6.6 ”screen.

However, the margins are almost non-existent, which helps a lot in the immersion effect when for some reason you decide to open the screen to watch an episode of a series, watch a movie, or simply go to read leak.pt without having to force your eyes with small print.

In short, for me this is where the ‘Click’ of this folding fashion is. The ease with which I switch from a completely normal smartphone to an 8 ”tablet to see a simple episode when I have 20 minutes dead is simply priceless.

And of course, productivity also gets a very interesting boost, since we have a real multi-tasking thanks to a screen of generous dimensions, and hardware capable of accompanying everything else. (Answering emails on this boy is a treat!)

How does the warp magic happen?

That said, the folding mechanism is also very interesting, since to stretch the screen to its maximum potential of 8 ”, you need to press a button so that part of the panel ‘jumps’ from the back of the device. That is, for the screen to remain closed, there is a physical mechanism to secure it, which in our tests looks really very robust.

Is the fold visible ???

Yes, there is a protrusion in the middle of the screen, where there is a fold. However, it goes unnoticed without major problems, making it almost impossible to see during normal use. As the screen is folded out, it is not as evident as what we can find in the Fold or Z Flip.

As for the device’s durability, this is really the million-euro question …

After all, we are talking about a € 2600 device that always has its plastic screen outside. Thus being always exposed to the various dangers of our day to day.

That is, while Samsung protects its fragile screen inside the Fold, offering a second ‘extra’ screen … The second screen of Mate Xs is simply a part of the only screen we have on the device. That said, it is a very difficult question to answer, since I have only had the device for a week. Still, I have been using the Xs like any other device I get, going with me to the gym, throwing on the sofas and or bed, and even sliding off the top of my PC case, while using it with a flashlight to connect some cables on the motherboard… The damage to the screen so far has been zero, which I think is really incredible. However, it is not necessary to have two forehead fingers to realize that if you put this boy in your pocket next to keys or simple coins, it will not go well.


This mini-review is not meant to talk about the performance of SoC, cameras, etc … but rather the feeling that this machine gives us on a daily basis. After all, we are talking about a high-end smartphone, which will obviously be competent in all these components. My focus here was just to spend a little of what is a foldable smartphone capable of changing our daily lives.

I will leave these fields for the detailed analysis that I will write in the coming days.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

If you want to know more about the device click on here.

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