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MIUI 11 finally receives a long awaited novelty!

by ace
MIUI 11 finally receives a long awaited novelty!

MIUI 11 is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and complete interfaces in the smartphone world. With Xiaomi's finger, you wouldn't expect anything else. However, there are some things that are missing, even in relation to Android 10. One of them was undoubtedly support for the new navigation gestures of the latest operating system from Google. In spite of the many promises, he had not yet arrived. Now, behold, this great news has just arrived at MIUI 11.

miui 11 novelty

MIUI 11 finally receives a long awaited novelty!

Xiaomi has already implemented this feature on several smartphones but in the beta version and this was officially announced in a post posted on this manufacturer's forum. The topic also refers to the instructions for activation. For now it is only available in the Chinese variant of ROM, however it will soon reach the global.

Once that happens, just go to the settings and then click on the screen. Then slide until you find the Full screen option. Then choose Full Screen to activate the gestures.

This is one of the latest news that will come to MIUI 11. Now that this manufacturer will focus on the new MIUI 12 version. However, things seem to be advanced, because some new features of the new version have already been discovered! The leak comes from the hand of a programmer who published the main features in a Chinese forum. Just one caveat. It is a development version and as such some features may not reach the final version. However, the vast majority will be present.

Right away, we have a new navigation bar and gestures.

MIUI's general animations were a little out of time. Many of them were unstable, inconsistent and unattractive. Fortunately the new version changes all of that.

MIUI 11 finally receives a long awaited novelty!

With the new version the style of multitasking has also been modified. So it looks like we’ll have a new menu with productivity in mind. Right from the start, a more careful design and animations stand out.

You can read more about it here.


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MIUI 11 finally receives a long awaited novelty!

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