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Mountain Everest Modular Keyboard was successful on Kickstarter!

by ace
Mountain Everest Modular Keyboard was successful on Kickstarter!

Last month we launched an article about Mountain Everest, a Kickstarter project that aimed to launch a completely modular mechanical keyboard on the market, where you can not only change mechanical switches, but also attach various types of attachments. Well, it looks like the keyboard will actually hit the shelves, as the campaign has far exceeded any initial funding expectations. Therefore, production work has already started at full speed, in order to meet the August release date.

Kickstarter successfully! The Mountain Everest Keyboard is already in production! Has interest?

Mountain Everest

So now that Mountain Everest is fully funded, Mountain.GG will also launch an online store for all fans who have failed to book through Kickstarter. That said, it is expected that the curious peripheral will reach the hands of consumers as early as August, however, it will be a little different from what was promised, since the company has already started to implement some improvements in the keyboard software.

After all, the Media component has new firmware, which will bring a range of features to the table, such as the possibility of monitoring the temperatures of the PC components, FPS in play, RGB lighting control, or even just show a clock.

However, if you don't know, there are 3 versions of the keyboard, Everest Max, Everest Core and Everest Core Barebone, each with a different package of extras, where we can include different switches and different modules to connect to the peripheral. You can find out everything here, on the website Mountain.GG.

First of all, what do you think of this Mountain offer? Are you interested in such a keyboard? Does the small company have weapons to rival the big ones in the market like Logitech, Razer or Corsair?

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Mountain Everest Modular Keyboard was successful on Kickstarter!

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