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Netflix for Android has just received a great news!

by ace

This new feature of Netflix for Android was against series and cinema directors. However, this did not startle this streaming platform. That said, it will move forward with plans to change reading speeds for content. This was discovered by The Verge. Thus, from tomorrow you will be able to change the playback speed of the series and movies on your Android device.

Netflix for Android has just received a great news!

There are a few options. That said, you will be able to view the content at a slower speed of 25 or 50% or see everything more quickly. Likewise, 25 or 50%. It is true that initially this feature is only available for Android devices. However, it will reach other platforms in the future.

Although YouTube has already allowed this in the past, Netflix is ​​a big news. Since this platform hosts several films – including major film titles – many directors consider this to be a bad move.

For example, it is a safe bet that Jonathan Demme will not be happy to know that he accelerated the Silence of the Lambs to see him 50% faster than he intended. Still, this goes on.

In an effort not to upset the directors so much, Netflix did things differently. Thus, it is not possible to configure this functionality globally. That is, activate for all films and content. As such, it will only be possible to enable this for content.

If you are watching a film in this way, when you finish watching it and move on to another, everything will return to the original. After you feel the need to use a faster or slower speed, you will have to activate the function again, regardless of the previous changes you made.

Of course, as in this type of news, everything will be made available in a phased manner. So, despite being released tomorrow it may take some time to reach all devices.

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