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NVIDIA afraid of AMD? New 'Ampere' signs postponed!

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NVIDIA afraid of AMD? New 'Ampere' signs postponed!

Many leaks have been made about the new NVIDIA 'Ampere' graphics cards, the generation that should take the place of the current RTX 2000 based on the 'Turing' architecture, with several mentions of performance increases of around ~ 50%, while while energy efficiency goes up almost 100%!

However, it seems that the graphics giant has decided to postpone the launch of its new cards until the end of the year … But the culprit here is not the Coronavirus!

NVIDIA afraid of AMD? New 'Ampere' signs postponed! It is not the fault of COVID


Therefore, the legendary ‘leaker’ AquariusZi from the PC_Shopping forum has just announced that the new RTX 3000 will not reach the market until at least the last quarter of the year. That is, it is likely that in addition to the new generation consoles, we also have new NVIDIA cards lurking in our portfolio.

Is this the opportunity for AMD to dent the rival? It seems that NVIDIA wants to wait to understand what the person responsible for the Radeon RX cards has to offer!

As you may know, AMD is currently preparing to launch high-end graphics cards based on the Navi 2 architecture. So, in addition to the epidemic of the new Coronavirus that is ruining production everywhere, it seems that NVIDIA wants to wait to see whether or not it is worth doing an all in. (Lower prices, stronger models, etc…)

That is, the reason for this postponement is also due to COVID-19, but it is mainly thanks to the new threat from AMD, which apparently is about to launch an 'NVIDIA RTX Killer'.

But why this fear of AMD now? It's all thanks to the announcement regarding the new Xbox Series X!

Apparently, nobody was expecting this type of specifications on a simple console! After all, a console is never intended to offer top technical specifications, the idea is to always be a cheap and simple to produce device to reach the masses.

Which in turn raised some eyebrows on the NVIDIA side!

Is that if AMD can offer such graphics power in a console of ~ € 500. It is likely that your cards will not escape much at this price … Which can be a serious threat to the dominance of the green company responsible for RTX cards.

Thus, as NVIDIA continues to reign in the graphics market, there is still no need to renew the range or lower prices. The manufacturer decided to wait and see what could happen. Which could be great, or a big mistake … We will also have to wait and see.

NVIDIA afraid of AMD? New 'Ampere' signs postponed! – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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