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NVIDIA ‘killed’ the Tesla range because of Tesla cars!

by ace
NVIDIA ‘killed’ the Tesla range because of Tesla cars!

Well, after NVIDIA introduced its ambitious GPU A100, the first chip based on the new 7nm Ampere architecture that is expected to impress everyone and everything in the graphics card market. It was pretty obvious to everyone that the idea was to make the name 'Tesla' disappear from the face of the Earth.

In other words, NVIDIA no longer wants to use this nomenclature for its HEDT GPUs, focused on the AI, HPC market, etc … Something strange, given that this range of products was a big bet by the manufacturer, since it was here that the company bet strong and ugly on GPGPUs, with the big goal of taking the CUDA world to a whole new level.

NVIDIA ‘killed’ the Tesla range because of Tesla cars!


So, all that said, NVIDIA kept the name ‘Tesla’ as a super high-end brand, while separating it from the more well-known GeForce and Quadro brands. However, we had several GPUs like the Tesla P100 based on the Pascal architecture, the K10 based on the Kepler architecture and still the M40 based on the Maxwell architecture.

However, everything has now come to an end, as NVIDIA announced the reform of the name 'Tesla' to avoid confusion with the electric car maker Tesla. Wasn't Elon Musk finding the use of the name funny anymore? Did we have some hot calls between the CEOs of both companies? It is impossible to know … But what is strange is.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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