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NVIDIA seems to be preparing an MX450 with GDDR6 memory

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NVIDIA seems to be preparing an MX450 with GDDR6 memory

An entry in the 3DMark benchmark database seems to suggest a new NVIDIA mobile graphics card, in the form of the MX450 GPU, which will in turn be based on the TU117 'Turing' GPU, the same that gives life to the GTX 1650 graphics card. this, it seems that the new NVIDIA solution has a frequency of 540 MHz and also 2 GB of GDDR6 memory (2505 MHz | 10 Gbit / s).

NVIDIA seems to be preparing an MX450 with GDDR6 memory

This is quite curious not for the launch of this new mobile graphics card, but for the integration of the GDDR6 memory. After all, it seems that the memory swap was not to guarantee an increase in performance, but because GDDR5 memory stocks are increasingly limited … Or, because the latest memory is now cheaper.

Having said all this, unfortunately the entry has already been withdrawn, with no mention of results.

Still, the GTX 1650 GDDR6's TU117 GPU has already proven to be a good alternative to FullHD gaming. Therefore, it is likely that these MX450s will be able to offer a good performance, without making the package too expensive. (Standing below the GTX 1650 mobile)

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NVIDIA seems to be preparing an MX450 with GDDR6 memory

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