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(Official) Sony will reveal PlayStation 5 tomorrow! Finally!

by ace
(Official) Sony will reveal PlayStation 5 tomorrow! Finally!


Sony has preferred to remain silent, calmly waiting to understand what Microsoft had to announce for its range of Xbox consoles, of course … Immediately go get your weapons from the closet and fight back!

Well, after Microsoft revealed almost everything about its Xbox Series X yesterday, it seems that Sony decided to hold an online event as early as tomorrow, with chief architect Mark Cerny revealing great news about the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Sony will reveal PlayStation 5 tomorrow! (Finally!)

Therefore, Sony revealed on Twitter and Instagram that the announcement that so many people expected will really happen tomorrow, with or without Coronavirus, we will finally realize what the Japanese giant has to offer the world of video games.

Very briefly, after COVID-19 changed the presentation plans (the event was supposed to be in person at the end of February or beginning of March), Sony seems finally ready to show everything it has to offer the new generation.

Sony is expected to put all the meat in the roaster, especially now that Microsoft has already revealed the design and complete technical specifications of its high-end console. (Two Xbox should be released, Microsoft just revealed the most expensive)

So it is a good idea to stay tuned for tomorrow's livestream, which should take place around 4pm.

However, current rumors mention a console capable of reaching 8K, 120FPS, support for ray-tracing, VRR, etc … With a price around 499 €. But with the current production difficulties and potential postponement to 2021, this is likely to change for the worse.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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