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One UI 2.1 will reach the top of the range!

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One UI 2.1 will reach the top of the range!

the Galaxy S9 / S9 +

Last month, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S20 range made up of three different models. Among all the news that was presented, there was an interesting surprise – One UI 2.1. Currently, most Samsung smartphones have already received or will receive the One UI 2.0 update based on Android 10. However, despite this manufacturer being busy with the update schedule, he found time to develop a new version of its interface.

One UI 2.1 will reach the top of the range!

Samsung's new interface is getting better and in fact makes using our mobile equipment much easier.

Now the question is: – when will our Samsung smartphone receive this firmware version? It is difficult to say anything with respect to the many midrange that exist on the market and that have not even received OneUI 2.0 yet. However, a Samsung representative from a South Korean forum said the company plans to bring the latest version of One UI to the older Galaxy tops. With the “older Galaxy smartphones”, we refer to the Galaxy S9 range of 2018 and the Note 9.

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For now, only the new Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip ranges are running this new firmware. However, according to the moderator of the support forum in South Korea, last year's S10 and Note 10 will also receive the latest software update. The update will obviously start with the latest smartphones. However, it can take time and, of course, will be based on Android 10.

The new OneUI 2.1 interface is not an out of this world update. However, it comes with new features that greatly improve our interaction with Samsung smartphones.

It remains for us now to wait for the release of the new version and for it to actually reach the top of the range like the Galaxy S9. In fact, they are still excellent equipment and as such this makes perfect sense.

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