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OnePlus Nord: is it really rival to Xiaomi or Redmi?

by ace

The OnePlus Nord was announced the other day and quickly began to win over users. This is because it is a cheap 5G smartphone, has a 90Hz screen and is not extremely expensive. In fact, it is significantly cheaper than the OnePlus tops, but still managed to retain several attractive elements. However, when we let the hype pass a little, we quickly realized that although the OnePlus Nord is good, there are also very good alternatives in the market of Redmi and Xiaomi itself. In fact, they already do all the things that Nord does and in some cases on much cheaper equipment.

OnePlus Nord: is it really rival to Xiaomi or Redmi?

The OnePlus Nord has a 48MP main macro camera, another 8MP ultra-angular camera, a 5MP depth sensor and a 2MP quarter. This is an average configuration for a 400 Euro smartphone. However, OnePlus sold this very well and it looks like a smartphone from another world. However, it is not!

For example, Redmi smartphones (the Xiaomi sub-brand) usually arrive with high resolution sensors. The Note 8 Pro, for example, has a configuration similar to that of Nord, except for the 64MP main camera. The recently launched Redmi Note 9 Pro takes the macro sensor up to 5MP, leaving it with more main sensors and a macro camera with higher resolution than Nord.

Despite these interesting settings, Redmi smartphones are launched at substantially lower prices. So we can say that it is not exactly a Redmi killer after all. And a Xiaomi killer?

Right here the answer is almost the same. It is true that Xiaomi currently has slightly more expensive equipment. Still, some more economical ones like the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite manage to compete against Nord.

In the case of the screen, for example, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite also has an AMOLED panel but a lower refresh rate. In the case of the camera, the OnePlus Nord wins, but still Xiaomi’s bet remains very interesting.

In other words, hype aside, we undoubtedly have excellent equipment. Still, it is not enough to be considered a Xiaomi killer as you might initially think. That is, the marketing machine of OnePlus works very well and fans have the best idea of ​​the brand.

And in the iPhone world?

Starting with the screen, it is true that we are still only able to test the iPhone SE. However, looking at the specifications the Nord will be the likely winner. This is because we have an OLED screen as opposed to the LCD.

The memory issue is not very linear given that iOS does not need as much as Android. However, 8 is much better than 3. It doesn’t mean that this is reflected in performance and makes OnePlus Nord the king of speed. This is because there are other factors in the mix. However, a lot of memory never hurts!

Loading is another important issue. After all, the faster the better. The Nord supports charging 30W, while the iPhone SE is at 18W.

In terms of selfies, both work very well. Apple always has excellent cameras. However, the existence of two front cameras on the OnePlus Nord gives it a clear advantage.

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