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Oops !? Investors took NVIDIA to court !?

by ace
Oops !? Investors took NVIDIA to court !?

NVIDIA investors have brought the graphics card giant to court, due to the fact that some indicators were deliberately wrong in the latest account report. Very briefly, the big problem in the middle of this conversation is that NVIDIA made the 2017/2018 cryptocurrency market values ​​unclear, in order to hide the investment made and the subsequent failure of the bet.

Oops !? Did investors take NVIDIA to court for lies in the accounts report?


Therefore, NVIDIA painted a slightly different scenario from reality, making it seem that the demand for gaming graphics cards had been greater than what it was in reality. That is, investors claim that a significant number of graphics cards were sold in 2017 ~ 2018 only and only for the virtual currency mining market. To be more specific, about $ 1.1 billion in graphics cards. In fact, the manufacturer knew this, and even launched cards with no image output for the sole purpose of trying to respond to the demand for ‘miners’.

Thus, with the explosion of the mining market via graphics cards, both NVIDIA and AMD increased their production levels to try to meet demand. However, experts have always said that all profits made in this high season, could later have some consequences in the future. After all, the mining market was a simple bubble that exploded shortly afterwards, bringing an authentic mountain of quality graphics cards to the used market, which of course, did some damage to NVIDIA and AMD revenue in the medium term. . Especially when we take into account that both increased the production of graphics cards, and suddenly, the demand disappeared.

But graphics cards for mining were actually graphics cards for games! What is the problem with putting these recipes in gaming?

In fact, I think it is a very pertinent question. After all, we are talking about hardware created for games, which happened to have other uses. However, investors do not agree with this way of thinking. Since according to the complaint, NVIDIA knew very well where the graphics cards were going.

In short, the problem here is that NVIDIA simply put it all together in the Gaming bag, making it unclear to investors what to get out of the report. Since it is impossible to know if the gaming world has grown, fallen or maintained the same levels.

Interestingly, this complaint was made in 2017, but it has only now been brought before the courts.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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