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Oops !? Sony has already realized that PS5 backwards compatibility is a ‘fail’

by ace
Oops !? Sony has already realized that PS5 backwards compatibility is a ‘fail’

So, during Mark Cerny's presentation last week, we learned that PlayStation 5 would actually support some PS4 games, but that there were some difficulties in reaching this same support. After all, at that time only 100 games could run smoothly on the new console.

Something that fans did not find much fun, especially when the new Xbox Series X will support all games on all Xbox consoles of the past… Point in favor of Microsoft in this war!

What is clear is that Sony was forced to go public to clarify the whole situation.

Oops !? Sony realized that PS5's limited backwards compatibility was a ‘fail’

PS5, backwards compatibility

So, at the time, Mark Cerny just wanted to make it clear that some games may never end up being compatible with Sony's new console, due to the super fast SSD and increased CPU and GPU frequencies. But the Japanese giant has already made it public that the support will indeed be gigantic in the future.

In fact, with Microsoft leading the race for backwards compatibility (several years ago), the idea that only a small percentage of PS4 games could work on PS5… It was a low point in Sony's journey to launch consoles new generation. So a company spokesman has already come out to say:

“With so much fantastic game in the PlayStation 4 catalog, we are investing a lot of our resources to bring this experience to PS5. We believe that the vast majority of the more than 4000 PS4 games will be playable on PS5. In addition, these games are also expected to receive a graphical and framerate boost, thanks to the potential of the new hardware. We are currently testing game by game to see if it is necessary to touch the original code. ”

In short, after the ‘initial shock’, it appears that only a few games will be left out. That is, support for PS4 games will be the rule and not an exception. Still, I would wait for news until the console came out, to praise or judge Sony.

Oops !? Sony has already realized that the PS5 backwards compatibility is a ‘fail’ – furthermore, what do you think about all of this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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