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(Opinion) Do you like horror games? See here the scariest!

by ace
(Opinion) Do you like horror games? See here the scariest!

Whether or not a horror game is scary depends a lot on the fears of each player and essentially on how each one faces the most adverse situations. So, if you happen to think that the famous "Jump Scares" are all that a game of this style needs, then you are very wrong. For example, I am much more frightened by the plot and the development of the story itself.

That said, I know that there are many horror games on the market and all of them quite scary, such as Outlast. However, there was one that marked me more than any other that is none other than Silent Hill 2.

(Opinion) Do you like horror games? See here the scariest ever!

(Opinion) Do you like horror games? See here the scariest!

So, you probably already think that the game is very old and that the only scary thing about it is undoubtedly its age. However, believe that this is one of the best horror games ever created and deserves special attention from everyone. So, if you still have a PS2 or PS3 at home, don't miss the opportunity to try this fantastic title.

That said, although the gameplay is not what we are all used to at a time like this in the championship, even so, I think that the involving and macabre story ends up making up for that small factor. After all, players play the character of a man who is forced to drive to the city of Silent Hill. This is clear, after receiving a letter from his own wife to arrange a meeting at their special place in that same city.

However, the big problem is that his wife had already died 3 years ago, and once we get there everything we see ahead is just fog and very suspicious paths. Which lead us to doubt whether we are hearing footsteps, noises in the bushes or seeing shadows in the distance. Anyway, a very heavy game that takes care of our psychological in a really incredible way.

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In short, opinions about the scariest horror games ever change from person to person. So if you happen to have a different opinion than me, comment below on your favorite horror game and the scariest ever.

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(Opinion) Do you like horror games? See here the scariest!

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