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(Opinion) Does Samsung purposefully make smartphones boring?

by ace

Samsung is an authentic giant in the world of smartphones, launching devices to drool the most common of mortals, year after year. However, despite being the leader of this market for several years, it is also a brand that for one reason or another, decided not to introduce anything innovative in its most popular ranges (Galaxy S and Galaxy Note).

Do you remember the introduction of something revolutionary in these ranges in recent years? No? Probably because it didn’t happen!

Therefore, when I speak of something revolutionary, I speak of being the first to introduce some features or specificities such as the high frequency of updating on the screen, the implementation of the fingerprint sensor under the screen, periscopic cameras, etc …

Just to get a sense of the theme, see who introduced the most wanted news of the moment:

  • High update frequencies: Razer Phone
  • Fingerprint sensor on the screen: Vivo X20 UD
  • Periscopic cameras: Huawei P30 Pro
  • High resolution cameras with Pixel Binning: RealMe XT / Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • Four cameras at the rear: Galaxy A9
  • Hole Punch: Samsung A8s
  • Pop-up cameras: Vivo Nex / Apex
  • Super fast charging: Oppo Find X
  • Waterfall screen: Huawei with Mate 30 Pro

That is, although Samsung appears on the list with the A9 and A8s, we have zero smartphones in the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note range on this list… But why?

First of all, this is super strange, since Samsung is historically known for being the first to offer a device with the latest news on the market.

Something that is clear, has often been criticized for bad implementations. In addition, Samsung is also one of the companies responsible for producing much of the hardware that enables these technological innovations, such as the OLED screen capable of high update frequencies. In other words, Samsung chose to sell its technology to third parties instead of implementing it on its own devices.

The explanation is simple! In short, Samsung decided to leave the ‘experiences’ to others!

So, after many years of user criticism, Samsung decided to implement only the functionalities and design features that really work. This at the same time that it prefers to introduce (and test) new technologies in its mid-range, which curiously even resulted in more competitive mid-range devices, and therefore much more interesting for the user.

It is safe to say that Samsung is basically using its mid-range to understand what consumers want, and then implement them in the best possible way in their most equipped and most expensive devices.

Does this result in more boring high-end devices? No doubt! But they are also much more ‘complete’ devices, faster, more agile and with fewer failures.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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