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(Opinion) Samsung chose not to add a SoC to the Note 20!

by ace

The range of Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones is very likely one of the most desired in the market, after all, it is basically the machine that presents everything that the South Korean giant has to offer in terms of technology and design, being a product that despite being designed for lovers of productivity, it is also one of the devices indicated if you are an enthusiast (Power User).

Very briefly, the Galaxy Note smartphones take everything that Samsung introduced in the ‘S’ range, to present it in its most refined form! In fact, we often even see the introduction of a new generation of components, such as faster RAM, next-generation storage, and of course, a more powerful SoC!

Well, after all the controversy surrounding the Galaxy S20 launched at the beginning of the year, it was expected that Samsung would quickly prepare a new SoC Exynos for its super premium Note 20… However, this will not even happen… Not even a refined version as it has been ‘leaked’ in the last few days, we will have the exact same processor that so much criticism raised less than 6 months ago.

Samsung chose not to add a SoC to the Note 20!

Therefore, it is nothing new for anyone that the COVID-19 gave a brave ax to the smartphone market in 2020, ruining any expectations of analysts, specialists and manufacturers themselves. So I bet Samsung decided not to implement a new processor as a cost-saving measure.

After all, it is almost confirmed that the new top of the range will even have the exact same SoC! Now see this comparison between Note 20 and S20:

However, the design must be the one we all know, because the body of the device has been finished for several months. But spend money on optimizing or developing a version superior to the SoC used in the Galaxy S20? It is probably not a great idea when sales volume is not likely to be what the company would like.

Having said all that, the SoC Exynos 990 is also not the ‘7-headed bug’ that many people want, especially at this time of the championship when Samsung has already had time to optimize the software for the hardware it produces.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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