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Problems with TikTok? No, the quality has changed!

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Problems with TikTok? No, the quality has changed!

TikTok, that is, the well-known platform of short videos, recently announced that it will restrict the playback of high definition (HD) content in this application within the next 30 days. This is to ease the network infrastructure in Europe. The measure has already entered into force. That is, there are no problems in TikTok as some users thought. It is only a temporary issue.

In practice, this network has followed in the footsteps of major video streaming providers, including Facebook, its main competitor, which has also taken this step along with Instagram.

Problems with TikTok? No, the quality has changed!

In this regard, TikTok has already released a statement. It can read the following:

“While we want our platform to be a place where the community can create, share and enjoy video content, we don't want increased levels of traffic to add more pressure to network infrastructure and capacity. So, we made a voluntary decision to prevent our users in Europe from watching high definition content over the next 30 days.

TikTok problems

Despite this measure, users can continue to create and share videos as normal. The only thing that changes is just the quality with which we will see these contents.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the EU asked several streaming services last week to reduce the quality in order to guarantee the stability of European networks, reducing transmission rates. YouTube, Netflix, Apple and Disney also followed this order.

This TikTok measure may not do much over the Internet. However, there is something to be done. The number of users is really great. Looking at the latest numbers, TikTok surpassed WhatsApp as the most downloaded mobile application in the world in January. The number represents a significant increase of 46% over the same period last year. It also shows an increase of 27% compared to the total downloads in December 2019. The figures also reveal the three main markets where TikTok is most famous: India, Brazil and the United States. Thus, the numbers may be even higher, as it does not include downloads on other platforms and in other regions.

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