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(Promotion) 24 ”Xiaomi monitor at € 148 in European warehouse!

by ace
(Promotion) 24 ”Xiaomi monitor at € 148 in European warehouse!

Xiaomi has delighted Smart TV fans with quality products at a super low price! (Review here)

But did you know that the brand also got into the world of monitors? Yes, the Chinese giant recently launched two monitors with an IPS panel and a mouth-watering design! Two products that again impress technically, but conquer with their price.

That said, while the 34 ”curved model offers excellent specifications at a very attractive price (144Hz, 1440p, FreeSync, curvature 1500R, etc…) at € 432. The 23.8 ”model impresses even more when it is now available in a European warehouse at € 148!

(Promotion) 24 ”Xiaomi IPS Monitor at € 148 in European warehouse!

(Promotion) 24 ”Xiaomi monitor at € 148 in European warehouse!

Therefore, Banggood managed to get its hands on some units of these rare monitors, immediately putting a coupon on top of both models:

  • Xiaomi 34 ”Curved 144Hz QHD FreeSync Monitor – Buy here -> 432 € (Coupon: BGEEUMMRR)
  • Xiaomi 23.8 ”IPS LCD Monitor – Buy here -> 148 € (Coupon: BGOX813)

Having said that, the 24 ”monitor is not at all a gaming monitor, although it is also notable in this aspect, we are talking about a monitor that bets on color reliability and image quality to offer an excellent workstation. This, at the same time, brings an almost borderless design, which will undoubtedly increase the level of your workplace. In fact, if you like to use two monitors, you can even buy two and put them side by side, or put them together to make a 48 ”mega monitor, since the margin is so thin and the price so appealing.

However, the 34 ”model is undoubtedly an‘ all-in ’from the manufacturer in the video game market, bringing a lot of good that we only find in the most expensive and equipped models.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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(Promotion) 24 ”Xiaomi monitor at € 148 in European warehouse!

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