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PS5 and Xbox Series X do not bring a big graphic leap. Why?

by ace
PS5 and Xbox Series X do not bring a big graphic leap. Why?

If by chance you had the opportunity to see the presentation event 'Inside Xbox', then you already know more or less what to expect about the games that should take the new generation of consoles by storm. However, it is also likely that it had a bitter taste in the mouth … After all, despite the difference in terms of graphics, the truth is that the jump has nothing to do with previous generations! But do you know why?

(Special) PS5 and Xbox Series X do not bring a big graphic leap! Why?

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So my first console was a PlayStation 1, a console that impressed everyone and everything with its 3D graphics and pre-rendered cinematics, in games like Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy 7 and Metal Gear Solid. We are talking about a package that was based on a simple 33MHz processor and only 2 megs of RAM. Well, right after that we had its successor, one of the most popular consoles on the planet, PlayStation 2, which was able to bring even better graphics thanks to its 300Mhz processor and 32 megs of RAM.

In other words, we had a 10x faster processor, as well as a brutal 16x increase in the amount of RAM.

In addition to this console, we also had its rival, the Original Xbox, which had a Pentium III CPU capable of reaching 700MHz, with 64 megs of RAM. The graphic leap was real in this generation!

Subsequently, we had the Sony PlayStation 3 with its Cell processor with 7 processing cores (6 more cores than last generation) and 512 megs of RAM. The Xbox 360 was weaker in terms of processing, but still had a 3-core CPU made by IBM, as well as 512 megs of memory. Once again, the graphical leap was again palpable, thanks to the great processing power of both consoles, and the large increase in the amount of RAM.

However, it was here that the big companies in the industry decided to start making money!


Especially Sony, which took a long time to get some money out of the production of its PS3. After all, if you don't know, PS3 hit the market at € 599, but it cost € 840 to produce.

So, both Microsoft and Sony decided to create a successor a little less powerful for their time, in order to make the whole system simple, but still versatile and capable of offering a good experience. That is why the move from PS3 and Xbox 360 to PS4 and Xbox One did not mean such a graphic leap over previous generations.

After all, the PS4 has an 8-core AMD Jaguar processor, which also has 8GB of RAM. On the Microsoft side, we have the Xbox One with a very similar processor, and the same 8GB of RAM. A good increase in RAM, but a very weak increase in CPU power… Incidentally, at the time, some studios claimed that the PS3 Cell was as or more powerful than the new PS4 CPU.

So what now? What bring the PS5 and Xbox Series X to the table?

Well, in 2020 we will have 2 consoles again based on very identical hardware. Which will obviously bring some significant improvements in performance, but that nowhere near or far is equivalent to 10x jumps in the CPU or 20x more RAM memory of the past.

After all, PS5 has a new Octa-Core CPU from AMD, accompanied by 16GB of memory. We find exactly the same on the Microsoft side. The big difference between the two consoles is the GPU, with a difference of about 2 Teraflops in the computational graphics performance between the rival consoles. That said, the graphic difference between these two generations of consoles will be nothing out of this world.

First, we are going to enter a time frame in which the studios will have to develop for two generations of consoles, PS4 / PS5 and Xbox One / Xbox Series X. What is clear, means that there will have to be a learning period.

And secondly, because we don't have a performance leap similar to what we had in the past. As a matter of fact, it is very likely that this type of jump will never happen again, but I don't want to practice guessing.

Thus, both PS5 and Xbox Series X are betting on new technologies that will be able to bring other advantages, such as super fast SSDs, and new visual technologies such as Ray Tracing and VRS. In addition to that, we will also now find support for new resolutions, including the much-desired WideScreen that we find in the PC world.


Do not think that I am saying that we will not have a good evolution between the consoles originally launched in 2013 and the new generation. Because that's not what I'm trying to say. However, in my opinion, we will have a greater focus on the adoption of new technologies and features, instead of a big bet on graphics.

In short, don't be disappointed with the graphics performance of the new consoles! Developers still have a lot to learn, and players have a lot to enjoy.

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