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Quarantined children? Take them free to the Zoo!

by ace
Quarantined children? Take them free to the Zoo!

In the week that we arrived at Easter, the Zoo decided to give some beautiful almonds and prepared a series of experiences through the Internet that will certainly leave the little ones and their parents very busy. The surprises prepared by the Zoo are many and the best of all is that they are completely free. In addition, those who participate can still win prizes! In a virtual way it is possible for visitors to watch the birth of a turtle or participate in the ever-awaited “Egg Hunt”.

Quarantined children? Take them free to the Zoo!

These initiatives take place from 10 to 12 April and the starting point is the Zoo website itself. In the contest "Virtual Easter Egg Hunt", parents and children will have to follow a set of clues available on the website and thus find the eggs hidden on the various pages. In the end, they will just have to send an email to info@zoo.pt with the correct answers for each clue, and qualify daily for one of the 5 double invitations to visit the Zoo. There are 15 double invitations valid for 1 year after the park is reopened. However, invitations will be randomly assigned to the first 5 correct responses verified each day. That is, each day you can participate.

Free Zoo

Considering that April is the month of the eggs, the Zoo also took the opportunity to present a “hatchling” hatchling. It is a small spiny turtle that was born on July 19, 2019, after four days in the hatching process. After birth, the animal was evaluated by the curator and monitored by the reptile's caretaker team to ensure that it followed normal development parameters. Both the birth and the moments that followed were recorded and can be seen in the video shared by the park.

The progenitors of this animal, arrived at the Zoo in 2005, after an apprehension of some animals that followed the route of the illegal trade, the main cause of extinction of this species classified as “In Danger” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) .

In fact, good activities for parents and children to do together this Easter.

The journey begins on here. Do not forget that it is between the 10th and the 12th of April.

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Quarantined children? Take them free to the Zoo!

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