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(Quiz) What do you expect from a perfect gaming smartphone?

by ace
(Quiz) What do you expect from a perfect gaming smartphone?

What do you expect from a perfect gaming smartphone? – The gaming smartphone world is in a phase of serious growth, with many of the best-known manufacturers in the industry betting heavily and ugly on this range, we can speak more specifically of the giants ASUS, Nubia and Xiaomi, which have the popular ROG Phone 2 on the market , Red Magic 3S and BlackShark 3.

Incidentally, in a very curious way, even Huawei (the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world) tried to add some touches to this world in 2018, with the Mate 20X. As well as Razer, which launched the Razer Phone 1 and 2, but seems to have left the Razer Phone 3 behind for now.

This growth is essentially due to the increasingly obvious death of handheld consoles, as we can see from the very recent statements by Sony, which basically said that it will only launch a new PSP or PSVita when the pigs start flying. This without forgetting the increasingly numerous and graphically equipped mobile games, where we have to highlight Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, Fortnite, Dragon Ball Legends, etc…

What do you really want in a gaming smartphone? (Please answer our questionnaire on here!) The results below are provisional.

  • Male / Female (86.4% / 13.6%)

Apparently, men are the ones who most like to play on the smartphone!

  • Age (16-25: 54.5% / 26-35: 40.9% / 36-45: 4.6%)

As you would also expect, people under 35 are the ones who want to enter this world.

  • Resolution (Full HD: 31.8% / 2K QHD: 27.3% / 4K UHD: 31.8%)

Interestingly, it seems that the resolution is not at all the biggest concern of the players, with an apparent division.

  • Screen type (AMOLED / OLED / IPS)

As is also obvious, AMOLED and OLED win easily with 68.2%.

  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz (40.9%)

Players want 120Hz very strongly, with some users opting for 90Hz, while also opting for higher resolutions.

  • Battery: 4500-5500 mAh (54.5%)

Apparently, players want a good battery, but they don't want to pay the price for the thickness. Therefore, they prefer not to overdo the size.

  • RAM Memory (12GB: 86.4%)

There is no discussion here, players want 12GB!

  • Price: (€ 700-799: 40.9% / less than € 699: 36.4%)

Very briefly, as you would expect, players want top specs at a good price. And actually, I think it makes some sense. As far as we already have some strong bets below 500/600 € in the market.

ROG Phone 2

Editor's Note – Yes, before I start criticizing, Nintendo continues to have tremendous success with its Switch and Switch Lite. But the truth is that the Japanese giant has always been successful in its bubble, with an excellent line of exclusive games like Zelda, Mario and Pokémon.

Having said all that, the bet of the studios that in the past only focused on the PC and traditional consoles, is increasingly turned to the lucrative mobile market!

Still, the truth is that smartphone manufacturers are still adapting to this new reality, trying to understand what consumers really want in the market, in order to meet their needs! Which begs the question … What do you really want in a gaming smartphone?


So, it is easy to say that today, a Gaming smartphone is basically a super high-end device, with the best specifications that manufacturers have to offer. This at the same time that we find a series of features more focused on games, such as ‘Triggers’ to remind us of the ‘L1’ and ‘R1’ buttons, dedicated cooling solutions, etc… But… What about the basic specifications of these devices? After all, what resolution do you want to see on your Gaming smartphone? FullHD / 120Hz for the best possible performance? Do you prefer 2K / 120Hz? Or who knows, an authentic all-in in 4K at 90Hz?

We must also not forget the battery, which can affect the entire 'build' of this device! If you prefer a 6000mAh super battery, manufacturers will have to bet on increasing thickness, which may affect the entire design. However, if you want 4K / 90Hz or even 2k / 120Hz, it doesn't make much sense to have a 4000mAh battery… Otherwise, the range would be terrible.

So, we decided to launch a questionnaire, to finally realize what consumers really want in a smartphone focused on video games! (Link Here)

Later we will announce the results in this article, with an update.

(Special) What do you expect from a perfect gaming smartphone? – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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(Quiz) What do you expect from a perfect gaming smartphone?

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