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Remember the SEGA Dreamcast controller? He's back!

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Remember the SEGA Dreamcast controller? He's back!

If you happen to have a few years as a “gamer”, then you must have known the famous Dreamcast, the latest console from SEGA. After all, this was a console launched in 1998 and one that most marked the world of video games. This is because in case you don't know, it was one of the first to achieve the feat of allowing players to be able to talk to each other, despite the distance, to download games over the Internet and even to navigate in a Browser. (Of course, without using a PC.)

That said, we know that the controller for that console is now being recreated by Retro-Bit, which plans to launch it on the market very soon. With only a few minor changes so that players can feel the nostalgia but also some of the comfort they are used to in these new generations.

Remember the SEGA Dreamcast console controller? He's back!

Remember the SEGA Dreamcast controller? He's back!

Therefore, when purchasing the new Dreamcast remote, you can choose between the wired version and the wireless version, depending on the type of experience you want to have. In addition, we also know that the only analog that exists in the controller, is now much better and adapted to the current times, in addition to this, we have access to a new D-pad and also a Layout with 6 buttons. So that you can play the famous fighting games you were used to before.

This way, the new remote can be connected to your SEGA Dreamcast console if you still have it, or to a PC, due to its USB adapter. (Welcome to the world of emulators!) However, don't expect the experience to be the same as with the DualShock 4 or Xbox controller. This is because, despite being a comfortable device to play certain games, it turns out to be strange due to the fact that it does not follow the standards we are used to.

  SEGA Dreamcast console

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In short, this new command is expected to be launched in late 2020, still without a fixed price announced. So stay tuned for any news that may come up soon on this subject.


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Remember the SEGA Dreamcast controller? He's back!

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