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Remove this extension from Chrome! It’s useful, but it brings ads and malware

by ace

As you may know, Google Chrome is the market-leading browser! However, this is not only due to its performance and navigation fluidity (despite being a nightmare for RAM), the truth is that Chrome is a super versatile browser to be able to adapt to the user, all thanks to possibility of installing extensions.

That said, there is a super popular extension called ‘Screenshot & Screen Capture Elite’, which of course, as the name implies, serves essentially to help users take screenshots. The problem is that this simple extension is now offering a direct route to the world of malware through several unreliable advertisements.

Remove this extension from Chrome! It’s useful, but it brings ads and malware

Therefore, we are talking about an extension with over a million downloads, which unfortunately remains available on the Chrome Store.

After all, what is happening?

Well, the extension is adding advertisements in the user’s own searches. Something that not only demonstrates some lack of ethics on the part of the developer, but even goes against the security rules of Google Chrome. Something serious, especially when the best-known ad-blockers in the industry are ineffective in blocking this practice.

How malicious is this extension?

The most serious problem is not even the ads, the fact that the extension gives access to a program from outside, in order to analyze the user’s history. In addition, users’ own searches on Google seem to have some impact with this extension, with strange results.

Interestingly, this type of action does not start as soon as users install the extension, it is something that evolves over time, so that there is no suspicion around the software.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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