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(Review) Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO: A complete and flexible mouse!

by ace
(Review) Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO: A complete and flexible mouse!

Corsair is undeniably one of the giants of the Gaming industry, producing mice, keyboards, headphones, RAM, fonts, boxes, coolers, fans, and even complete PCs! It is also one of the best known brands in the market, due to the quality of its products.

That said, the brand challenged me to test its latest wireless mouse, the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro, a peripheral whose main mission is to take players' performance to a whole new level! While trying to offer one of the most complete and flexible packages in the world of Gaming Mice. But can you do it?

(Review) Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO: Awesome!

Dark Core

So in this article we’ll review the recent Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro, an optical sensor mouse officially launched on April 7, 2020, obviously focused on the world of video games, especially players who want to have the best possible under their hand .

That said, the sensor used in this new version is the PMW3392 capable of 18,000 DPIs, it is now possible to change the DPI 1 to 1, also counting on the Hyper-Polling technology that communicates with the PC at 2000 Hz (twice the normal of the market ).

In addition to these improvements, the mouse has also been optimized to the maximum for energy efficiency, so we now have a range of 50 hours instead of the 24 hours of the previous model. A bombastic increase!

As for connectivity, we also have a huge choice, with the possibility of using SlipStream wireless technology sub-1ms with the small pen that is included, the classic Bluetooth or even just the USB cable. Something I loved was the fact that the charging connection is now USB-C! Something that should already be standard on the market, but in fact there are still many mice that bring the classic micro-USB, which truly causes a real mess of cables on my desk.

However, in terms of design, we have access to a removable right side, in case you like to put your little finger on something … Or not, the choice is yours, 9 zones of RGB lighting with support for 18.6 million colors , plus 8 fully programmable buttons from the iCUE software (all mechanical).

Gaming Performance

Corsair Dark Core

I've tried all the ways to connect to the PC, and they all behaved well. However, although there are still many fans in the world of wired mice, I have to say that I love a good wireless mouse, due to the fact that I have difficulties with dragging the cable. So, having access to Sub-1ms technology is really an advantage, this being the indicated way to take advantage of the mouse's full potential. (Obviously you have the risk of losing a USB port on your PC, but is it really that serious?)

Well, I played several types of games with this mouse, such as League of Legends, Call of Duty MW (and Warzone), Bleeding Edge and even World of Warcraft. That is, all completely different games, in which the required levels of accuracy are really different. But this was my goal, to see if the mouse is as reliable and flexible as the brand promises. And in fact, I have no great reason to complain, just create a profile for each game in the iCUE software, with different DPIs, change and play.

Also, if you're like me and like to use Macros in games like World of Warcraft, the extra buttons all at your fingertips are the icing on the cake.


Nowadays, buying an expensive and powerful mouse just for games is silly … We live in a world where a powerful gaming machine can and should be used as a productivity machine or workstation during the day. Therefore, in the same way that the PC is transformed, it is also necessary to understand whether the mouse keeps up with the pace and needs of consumers.

So, in my day to day writing and editing / cutting images to put on Leak.pt, the mouse always behaved very well, especially when we increased the DPIs, in order to move from one side to the other of the screen without not even lift the mouse (Brutal if you have an Ultra-Wide monitor).

In fact, you can create profiles for the various programs you use on a daily basis, just as you create them for games. That way it is perfectly possible to use the 8 programmable buttons of the mouse to transform it into an authentic productivity machine.

Interestingly, the Dark Pro RGB Pro also offers some bonuses that you probably won't even remember or think you need in your daily life. Since you can connect the mouse via Slipstream to one PC and via Bluetooth to another, this way with a simple press of a button, you can very easily control two computers at the same time.


Very briefly, the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro is very easily one of the most complete, flexible and best built mice that I have had the pleasure of using recently.

After all, the list of brand specifications does not lie, all tests prove it. In fact, to tell you the truth, this is the first mouse that I analyze from Corsair. Which ended up raising a question in my mind … What is the reason why this brand is no longer famous in this market segment? This to get a sense of the quality that I came across in this product.

The build quality is so good that you only need to pick this boy up once to fall in love with the Design + Construction package. However, despite all these good things, it is undoubtedly the connectivity that will make this mouse a success, since using a cable or not is exactly the same, such is the speed of Slipstream technology. (In the case of Bluetooth, things change a little, which is completely normal.)

Autonomy is also one of the great strengths, but here, don't be fooled, the 50 hours are obviously only reachable with RGB turned off.

So if you are like me and want everything connected, you will most likely arrive at 25 ~ 30 hours without major difficulties.

Finally, if you happen to want to find a rival to this mouse, it is likely that you will go to the websites of Razer, Logitech, ASUS, etc … But it is also almost certain that you will not find a package as complete as this one, especially at this price. In fact, I can say that I have 7 top rats on my desk, and this is now my ‘daily driver’.

The Corsair Dark Core RGB has already hit the market for € 99.99, but know that there is an ‘SE’ version with wireless IQ charging that costs € 109.99.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below. However, aim to Leak as a favorite in Google News, never to miss any news from us.

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(Review) Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO: A complete and flexible mouse!

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