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(Review) Logitech G Pro X: Simply … The headphones to have!

by ace
(Review) Logitech G Pro X: Simply ... The headphones to have!

(Analysis) Logitech G Pro X: I spent 2 years with HyperX Cloud II, the Gaming headphones that everyone recommended at the time, and actually I was very satisfied. However, as soon as the Logitech G Pro X came into my hands, I quickly switched to the latest offering from the peripheral giant.

And my friends, it was the best decision for my ears and the ears of my teammates of the gambling, since it is a simply brutal product. And here the key word is Simple. After all, the G Pro X is not a product designed to stand out from anyone, they are simple but beautiful, they sound great, and above all, they are not stupidly expensive.

In short, these are the ‘headphones’ to have if you want to have good quality on a gaming headset. But let's go by parts.

(Review) Logitech G Pro X: The best headphones ever from Logitech

G Pro X

Therefore, in a very curious way, but in a very Logitech way, the manufacturer has here an offer that goes a little against the current trend of the PC games market. After all, we have wired headphones, and without any RGB lighting!

But the reasons for this to happen are very simple, Logitech has several partnerships with eSports teams like the North American Team SoloMid, and for this reason, it created this range of products to meet the wishes of the players who want the best of the best! Players who immediately put this type of lighting aside because it is completely useless. And apparently, despite going against the trends, here we have the best solution for the masses, if you still have the patience to deal with yarn, of course.


The G Pro X is most likely the most beautiful headset that Logitech has ever launched on the market, achieving a retro mix with modern technology. And in fact, Logitech has a huge range of audio products, all of them with a very interesting design, so this is a real compliment. That said, this is certainly due to the acquisition of Blue and the subsequent implementation of its technologies in this product, but let's go to the headphones themselves.

The Logitech G Pro X have a fantastic aspect, being super simple, this while at the same time have a very professional aspect, which won me over years after reviewing products full of lights.

(Review) Logitech G Pro X: Simply ... The headphones to have!

Well, as soon as you take them out of the box you will immediately look at the side metal disk with the Logitech logo, which despite being a super super hyper simple touch, is also what I like most about this manufacturer's simplistic design. Especially when the games go wrong and I try to go through that area as if the disc is spinning. It's a detail, but this is where Logitech stands out, in the details.

Inside the box we will find two sets of ear pads. The leather ones are already installed, but we also have a micro-fiber alternative. I never changed, nor do I think about changing, due to the fact that the set that comes from the factory is already super comfortable, even if you wear glasses (like me). In short, these are the most comfortable headphones I have ever used, however, it will take you a few hours to get used to and the material to adapt to the shape of your head. However, the microphone is removable, in case you just want to listen to music or watch a movie.

On the design side, my only complaint is that we are still tied to a thread in 2020.

Yes, I know that the yarn brings more performance and less worries about battery… However, I spend my life trying to deflect the yarn from the area of ​​the mouse pad. Within this theme, the G Pro X comes with several types of cable, such as the traditional 3.5mm cable, but it is likely to use the USB DAC to support 7.1 and Blue technologies, by the way, I recommend that you use the adapter to have access to all features… The Blue sponsored microphone is the best in this package, but let's go.


(Review) Logitech G Pro X: Simply ... The headphones to have!

So, as you may have noticed, I like the look of the Logitech G Pro X … But I like their performance a lot more on a daily basis. If at design level it is debatable that this is the best product ever from Logitech. In terms of performance there is no discussion, the performance both in-game, as in music and the microphone output is just brilliant.

This may seem like I'm hitting the rest of the Logitech range, which is not true, we are talking about a brand with a long history in the PC world, with several ranges of brilliant products. And in fact, the Logitech G533 were the best headphones that money could buy for a long time! But these G Pro Xs are simply better, much better.

That said, in terms of listening to music, we have a heavier touch on bass and voice frequencies, other than that, it's all very balanced, but also super clear. It is true that it does not reach the same volume as some rivals in the market, but I prefer clarity and quality to a louder sound any day of the week. To get a sense of quality, I'm talking about a music performance capable of rivaling the big ones in the music market, I'm not even comparing it with the other brands focused on Gaming.

The G Pro X are capable of competing with products 2 or 3 times more expensive.

What is clear, if you are impressed in music, much more will impress in the world of games. I just finished a few games of Valorant, and it's amazing how we can identify where the steps are coming from. If you are not used to it, you may even be frightened by the proximity of the sound, as if someone is right on top of you ready to eliminate it.

Interestingly, if you like to tweak the sound settings, you can just play around with the Logitech G Hub for a while. Where you can even try out the profiles of teams like Team SoloMid (TSM).

The Microphone is king in this product!

To tell you the truth, when I review any Gaming headphones, what most disappoints is (almost always) the microphone… Basically we got to a point where we say it works and that's it. Because in reality, this is what manufacturers do to keep the cost low, they have to cut something, so they put in a ‘decent’ microphone and it’s done. Which is completely justified, as 90% of players only use their gaming headphones to talk to friends while playing. Well, even taking that into account, Logitech said no to this trend. The microphone of this product is the star of the show!

Interestingly, I happen to even have a dedicated microphone in case I ever want to get into podcasts or streaming. But to tell you the truth, I don't think you would need to use this microphone with Blue technology.


In short, the Logitech G Pro X are the headphones to recommend in 2020. However, the big problem in this equation is its price… Since they are a little more expensive than the traditional products recommended by experts, being found in the market around from 100 ~ 120 €.

A price at which gamers are already starting to look for wireless alternatives. Still, I believe it is worth dealing with wires for some time to get your hands on all this quality.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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(Review) Logitech G Pro X: Simply ... The headphones to have!

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