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(Review) Sony A6600: Small… but powerful!

by ace
(Review) Sony A6600: Small… but powerful!

Sony does not play in the world of digital cameras, offering solutions for all portfolios, almost all of them with an enviable level of quality.

Well, taking this into account, today we are going to talk about a camera that was undeniably designed to create a significant impact on the market, challenging much larger and heavier machines. We are talking about a machine that is at the top of the dedicated APS-C camera range for enthusiasts, the Sony A6600! A product designed for those who want a high-end camera, in a small body, but do not want to go for more expensive and more 'Pro' options like the Sony A7 III.

(Analysis) Sony Alpha 6600: DRAFT

So it's easy to say that if you want an extremely powerful machine, you have a generous budget, and you like Sony … The A6600 is certainly a very tempting offer! After all, with a luxury specification sheet, and several improvements over the models that preceded it, we have a very interesting product here.

But let's go by parts.

Design and Build Quality

The A6600 is a little heavier than the rest of Sony's A6000 range, yet it is a machine capable of offering a very interesting balance, being small, but also quite robust! It is a machine that seems to withstand the shock, at the same time that we can easily say that it is a machine capable of transmitting the message 'Premium' with a simple touch. All thanks to the magnesium body, in order to offer protection from moisture but also from dust.

In addition to all this, we also have a design with the user in mind, since despite the extra weight, the machine was always very safe and comfortable in our hands, all thanks to the adherent texture and placement of the buttons. After all, use with one hand is possible, and even advisable, such is the speed of this girl's focus.

In the meantime, the articulated screen that we already had the opportunity to try on the Sony A6400 again gives an air of grace, again with a super strong mechanism, capable of ensuring that the screen will not move. That said, if you happen to want to do some vlogs or take selfies, you will naturally take advantage of this mechanism to turn the screen on you! However … In this model, it is not completely visible! In fact, if you happen to be using a microphone on the add-on site, you will not see anything on the screen completely.

Fortunately, this is our only major complaint, everything else seems to be just another day at the office for Sony! Bringing good design, good button placement, and excellent performance.


  • Exmor APS-C CMOS Sensor (24.3MP)
  • Bionz X Processing
  • Hybrid autofocus with 425 points of phase detection
  • Continuous shooting up to 11 FPS
  • New battery with greater capacity

The specifications of this machine are impressive, but they are just words on paper. Using it on a daily basis is what tells us the whole story! It's fast at everything or almost everything! I took the liberty of taking 'random' pictures, of simply taking, taking a photo, and isn't it that the result is a completely focused image? Now see some examples:

Night (No flash):

Interestingly, this machine is able to use its focus and AI capabilities to recognize faces and then follow them on the move. That is, both in video and in photo, the A6600 chases objects or people to focus on them in the blink of an eye! In fact, it is able to automatically focus on the subject's eyes!

In addition, if you want to focus on a point in the image, just touch the screen of the machine, which is touch.


Sony promises a battery capable of capturing 810 photos, and in our experience, it was not far from that. After all, my last ‘rodeo’ with this camera was made with 5% battery, and it still held about 70 photos.


  • 4K @ 30FPS (HDR – HLG)
  • 1080p up to 100fps
  • 5-axis stabilization
  • Real-time tracking / Eyepiece AF

If you happen to be thinking about making quality video, this Sony solution is also extremely competent. Being a simply brutal product if you happen to be a vlogger or just like to shoot with great quality.

After all, Sony equipped this model with everything it could wish for. In fact, all the features that we can find in the Photos mode, are also very present in the Video mode. Where we need to highlight the stabilization and auto focus mode on targets referenced by the user.

However, in the world of video capture, it's not just the image that matters … Sound is also extremely important! And of course, Sony thought about it too, by equipping the A6600 with 2 3.5mm connectors, for microphone input and audio output. So, in this way, you can immediately guarantee that the audio is being recorded with quality.

Finally, the A6600 is surely a complete and versatile camera in the field of video capture, with the only flaw of not supporting 4K @ 60FPS recording.


In short, if you are looking for a small, robust, but super powerful camera … The Sony A6600 is an excellent option. Namely when we take into account specifications and features that were previously reserved for larger and more expensive models, such as the Sony A7 and A9.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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