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(Review) The Last of Us Part 2: A mandatory title!

by ace
(Review) The Last of Us Part 2: A mandatory title!

The Last of Us Part 2 is one of the most anticipated games of the year, possibly even ever! After all, the first version was such a success that, despite being released for the 'old lady' PlayStation 3, it remains one of the most recommended games for PS4 (in its Remastered version).

That said, in the original title, what grabbed the players was none other than the story! One of Naughty Dog's greatest works ever, able to take fans into a world of strong emotions while following the unlikely story of Ellie and Joel.

A story that ended in an authentic ‘cliffhanger’, which of course, got fans hungry for more. Well then? Is ready? It's almost time to find out what's going to happen in The Last of Us!

(Review) The Last of Us Part 2: A mandatory title!

Well, seven years after the release of the original game, and an ending that is basically a terrible cliffhanger to endure so many years. It is difficult to say what the fans really want from the second chapter … But one thing is certain, the mission of the studio was not easy to guess. Especially after all the 'leaks' in the story, postponements at launch, and who knows what else.

Even so, as the studio guaranteed after the leaks on the Internet, here is a game that is very worthwhile, and that will put us right in the middle of a whirlwind of emotions. You will be shocked, upset, maybe even angry at the developers. But at the end of it all, you will get another punch in the stomach, which in a very curious (and probably ingenious) way will put everything in place.

What can we say about the story (No spoilers)

The Last of Us Part 2 is a great game in that it combines simply brutal gameplay with graphics that are basically getting my PS4 Pro to give everything it has, while delivering an impressive narrative. In my opinion, Naughty Dog's latest game is the ultimate proof that the gaming world can already match Hollywood, in the production of gigantic scales, with the ability to pass on all the details of complex stories.

However, not everything is good, as it is sometimes easy to see that the team behind Last of Us has lost a little focus. What in my opinion turns out to be normal, such is the complexity of the plot of the second chapter of this saga.

Having said all that, we are talking about a game that will make you live the dilemmas of Ellie and her companions! And impressively, it will even make you think of what is happening on the other side of the barricade. After all, there are always two sides to the same coin. But I’m not going to dwell on this topic any more, so as not to ‘spoil’ anything.

The story so far

Last of Us Part 2 takes place a few years after the original title, with a much older Ellie, and certainly more mature than her real age could indicate in our real world. At the end of the day, here we have an authentic 'infected' but also human killer machine. Something that I assume is normal in a world that is actually … It's anything but normal.

Having said that, this time we will be able to enjoy much more of this apocalyptic world, with breathtaking scenarios, and which, as I said above, are most likely taking the 'old man' PS4 hardware to its limit. (Sometimes it looks like my console is going to take off, such is the noise from the cooling system.)

Yes, it is not a 100% open world, as it is not possible to explore absolutely everything. However, there are plenty of places to explore before we follow the path to walk the story forward. In fact, I advise you to explore everything to the marrow, because you will need all the materials you can find.

In addition to all this, we must not forget the various pieces of history scattered throughout the scenarios, which are worth seeing and reviewing! And of course, the safes hidden in various locations on the map with some surprises for the player.

Puzzles? Yes, but there are other types of pieces to fit!

If by chance she played the first game, or actually played a Naughty Dog title, you know that Ellie will have to solve several puzzles throughout the adventure, nothing too complicated, but that helps a lot to change the past of everything that is happening around him, allowing the player to breathe for some time, before diving back into the confusion of this world.

Since we talk about puzzles, you probably still remember to pick up various types of supplements or scrap in the first game, in order to achieve some improvements in the main character (Joel). Well, in Last of Us Part 2, we will have the return of that system, this time a little more complex! With access to branches, or even certain skills that you will only be able to acquire if you find the necessary manuals to learn it. (Exploration is really important!)

It is necessary to have intelligence, and be spared!

As Naughty Dog has warned, the game does not offer many features. So, not only will you have to be careful with wasted bullets, but also with the upgrades that are made to the character you are controlling at any given time.

After all, the weapons can also be improved, so the player will have to choose what will really complete his way of playing. That is, it is possible to adapt the characters to your style of play!

In addition to all this, we also have the ability to make medical kits, arrows, mines, etc …


Ellie is an authentic zombie-destroying machine (and more …)! However, it is not always possible to destroy everything around us. Once again, it is necessary to use the head, otherwise the head is the main character.

As I said above, Ellie is now older, more mature … And although she doesn't always make the best decisions, the truth is that she is much more deadly. After all, the combat is now much more violent, and in fact, more satisfying! All thanks to the dodge mechanics!

There are few better things in life than to dodge a zombie attack and then send him with a big windblower. However, you need to be very calm! Going all-in on enemies is not always a good idea. That's why we have the option to do the calm thing! Eliminating everything between us and our goal in a slower way, using the also very satisfactory stealth system.

As in the first game, if you happen to have no bullets or to kill a blind man, you can always try to pass alongside enemies, using the specifics of the terrain to your advantage.


These 7 years, postponements and controversies have done The Last of Us very well!

The graphics are pushing the hardware to the limit, the exploration is there, the dynamic gameplay depending on what we're doing too. In short, it is a super complete game, different from normal titles focused on post-apocalyptic worlds, being an experience (again) almost mandatory! Especially if you like to feel that you are living a complex history, rich in unforeseen events, as so often is our life in the normal world.

Score: 9.5 / 10

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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