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Samsung affected ?! The Galaxy S20 struggling in the market

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Even before the Galaxy S20 smartphone range was even announced, there was a whole sector that bet that this was one of the most successful devices in terms of sales in the market. And of course, it exceeds the sales figures obtained by its predecessor, the Galaxy S10.

However, with the Coronavirus outbreak that is increasingly spreading across Europe and the rest of the world. Many stores are closed, and many people just don’t want to go out to avoid contagion.

That said, as expected, sales of the S20 have already started to suffer. And apparently, if everything continues as it is, it is estimated that the Galaxy S20 is even below the sales level of the old Galaxy S10 of 2019.

S20 will sell less than the S10 … But the fault is not the smartphone itself, nor Samsung!

Samsung affected ?! The Galaxy S20 struggling in the market

Therefore, the Galaxy S20 range was announced in February, most recently reaching the market at the beginning of March. A time when the Coronavirus theme was not yet as talked about and the situation was not as critical as it is now. As such, the pre-sales were even quite satisfactory for Samsung, with several analysts crossing out their ‘fail’ predictions, revising the numbers upwards. After all, despite the price, the Galaxy S20 Ultra was indeed a market success.

However, everything has changed … As the days go by, Samsung is recording decreases and further decreases in sales in general. But taking into account that the company is now preparing to launch the new Galaxy Note 20, it may be that things get a little better for this South Korean giant.

Samsung affected ?! The Galaxy S20 struggling in the market

In short, the future of smartphone manufacturing companies depends a lot on how the virus will spread or not over the next few years. After all, many countries are in a state of emergency and their economy is literally at a standstill.



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