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Samsung Galaxy S21 / S30 – Cheaper but less ‘premium’?

by ace

The Galaxy S20 smartphone range has been heavily criticized due to its price, a trend that should continue now in August with the launch of the new Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra.

Very briefly, if you haven’t noticed, the market is really changing!

Do you know why? Consumers are increasingly tired of spending more than € 1000 on a mobile phone… Even because in fact, € 1000 is no longer the baseline, with many models reaching or exceeding € 1500.

In fact, to get a sense of how things have been changing, just look at Apple’s current strategy! That in addition to its super ‘premium’ smartphones, also launches a series of cheaper devices capable of retaining many of the capabilities of the top of the range, most notably the iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 11 2019 and iPhone Xr 2018.

Having said all that, it seems that Samsung has a new range of high-end devices under development with the code name ‘Galaxy U’. All with the main objective of offering top specifications at a more attractive price. In other words, the South Korean giant will bet on top of the range appliances that will have to have some commitments to reach the shelves at a lower price.

Galaxy S21 / S30 may have some commitments like an FHD + screen only capable of reaching 60Hz, among other things

First of all, one of the ways that Samsung can take advantage to lower the prices of the Galaxy S21 / S30 smartphone range, is the exclusive use of Exynos processors instead of the more expensive Qualcomm Snapdragon. (However, in the European market we have always taken the Exynos version, and we have never paid any attention to the price. So … I don’t know if it’s here.)

In addition to this, we also have some rumors pointing to the use of the Snapdragon 865 instead of the latest Snapdragon 875, which is expected to be much more expensive, according to the latest industry information.

Well, now we have Ice Universe coming to the public to state that the next top of the range ‘base’ from Samsung will bet on a FHD + @ 60Hz screen. A strategy that in fact does not only serve to offer a cheaper ‘premium’ model! It also serves to further highlight the differences between this model and the more expensive ‘Plus’ and ‘Ultra’. (Thus, if consumers really want the best, they will have to spend more)

In short, Samsung will have to do something to counter the trend of its more ‘Premium’ releases, which despite being brutal devices in terms of performance and design, are constantly failing ‘Sammy’ sales targets and analysts , most likely due to escalating prices.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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