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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: finally the secrets are over!

by ace
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: finally the secrets are over!

On August 5th should be presented to the world the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 that will not come alone. That said, it arrives with the Galaxy Note 20 and eventually with the Galaxy Fold 2. Now and although it is still many weeks before the release, here are the press renderings that reveal the whole design!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: finally the secrets are over!

This rendering comes to us from the popular leakster @evleaks, i.e. Evan Blass,[199].

Right from the start, we realized what Samsung is trying to do with the design of their new device. Instead of taking a modern approach like Apple, the South Korean tech giant wants to win over more traditional watch users.

Through rendering, we realize that the Galaxy Watch 3 will once again bring to life the rotating frame that is extremely practical and should be a little smaller than the one present on the Galaxy Watch. I remember watch active 2 replaced this hardware-based functionality with a software alternative. However there are also elements in common with models from the past. One of them concerns battery life. Still nothing is known about the processor. It is that eventually it can further improve efficiency. We will have 247 and 340mAh batteries in the Galaxy Watch 3 versions of 41 and 45 mm, respectively. We also have a black artificial leather strap and are expected to be available in other colour options.

The Galaxy Watch 3 will arrive in two different sizes. The 45mm model is capable of integrating a 1.4-inch display into a body that has 45 x 46.2 x 11.1 mm. The Galaxy Watch 3’s 41mm version is also smaller and thinner than the 42mm Galaxy Watch. However, the 1.2-inch screen remains.

In some elements the new bet is no different from Galaxy Watch Active 2.

We have a heart rate sensor with a high accuracy that has the help of 8 photodiodes and support for monitoring blood pressure. We also have the possibility of doing electrocardiograms. I just hope it doesn’t happen with Watch Active 2 that also supports them but we haven’t seen anything yet.

We don’t know if the Samsung you’re working on other additional health features on the new Galaxy Watch 3. What is known is that the memory and storage will jump from 768MB and 4GB to 1 and 8GB.

Meanwhile, the optional LTE stand out, as well as GPS functionality, IP68 water resistance, MIL-STD-810G resistance and Gorilla Glass DX screen protection. However, unlike the information circulating on the Internet, nothing was revealed about an aluminum model, with stainless steel and titanium.

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