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Samsung may end the camera market!

by ace
Samsung may end the camera market!

One of the components that has received a lot of attention from smartphone manufacturers are the cameras. The modules are getting bigger and bigger as the number of sensors increases. That said, people are beginning to wonder how far this is going to go. In fact, many believe that the camera market may be more at risk than ever with this innovation from Samsung that makes smartphones even more powerful.

Samsung may end the camera market!

At the moment we already know some secrets that manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei are preparing. However, the latest novelty even speaks of the Korean giant and all thanks to a patent.

Discovery by the site LetsGoDigital refers to a system that will have up to six individual cameras. If this reminded you of the Nokia 9 and the five-camera arrangement, we’re talking about something totally different. The new trick that Samsung has patented is that each camera can be tilted on two axes: one vertical and one horizontal.

The chambers can be combined into different matrices. Use one of three cameras or up to six. However, tilting cameras can be controlled through the application, allowing users to adjust the width and height of the image. Basically, you can frame your photo the way you want, without having to move.

Of course, after the images have been captured, the smartphone will need to perform some tasks to combine the data from all sensors into one image.

However, this system cannot be used to capture truly panoramic images. Still, there’s a trick. It’s just that the cameras can be tilted inward, which will result in something Samsung calls a bokeh cloth. Pano-Bokeh is basically a panoramic photo in which the background has the bokeh effect.

The cameras included in the matrix also do not need to be the same, the patent explains. The sensors can have different sizes and the lenses different focal lengths. For example, a 5-camera array can have four wide-angle cameras and a telephoto camera.

This is something very interesting since it means that we will be able to get photos that so far was not possible. In fact, many analysts show that this innovation could put the camera market at risk. Of course, this isn’t for now. It’s just that, considering the patent has only been developed now, it’s going to take some time before it gets to all the equipment.

But is it really the end of the cameras?

From the point of view of professional photographers, with sophisticated equipment, the answer is clearly no. You’ll never see professional photographers using smartphones as their main camera at weddings and sporting events. But what about amateur photographers? What about the parents, the teenagers and all the others? Can a person with little or no workout get better with a smartphone than with a DSLR? That could happen now!

It is true that our smartphones do not offer the range of a 200 mm telephoto lens, but what is missing at the level of the reach is compensated by spontaneity. People go with their smartphones everywhere. Cameras don’t always happen.

A DLSR with a 200mm lens will be great in many scenarios, but it will also be heavy. With the smartphone is just take out of your pocket and shoot.

It’s true that it’s still going to take some time before we have real high-resolution sensors on smartphones. There are already several attempts on the part of Samsung and Huawei but we are not yet at the right point. However, most people don’t need as much resolution unless they’re going to print the photos in the size of a poster. If you print the images at a normal size, the photos look great when taken in decent light. If you want to watch them on your laptop or TV, you’re equally well served.

Besides, we have the convenience. When we’ve just taken a picture with our smartphone, we can instantly edit the images in Lightroom, post the best ones on Instagram, and back up your photos to the cloud without having to remove a memory card or connect a device to your computer. In a DSLR more steps are already needed.

Will convenience gain quality? Only time will tell. What is certain is that Samsung is making a good way on this issue of cameras.

P.S. Just to clarify the use of the word camera. I used this spelling since the site is from Portugal, and in Brazil the correct term is camera.

In the meantime have you seen the new Samsung Galaxy S20 trading campaign?

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