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Samsung will abandon the LCD screen as early as 2020!

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Samsung will abandon the LCD screen as early as 2020!

LCD technology to even have its days numbered, after all, the giant Samsung Display (a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics) will end the production of these panels at the end of the year. Of course, it includes TN, VA and IPS screens! Incidentally, this decision by Samsung will also end the panels with LED backlight, which gives life to its cheaper ranges of monitors and TVs.

Samsung will abandon the LCD screen as early as 2020! Bet on OLED and QLED

Samsung, LCD

Therefore, it seems that one of the largest screen producers on the planet has decided that the LCD no longer makes sense in 2020. Therefore, the bet of the South Korean giant Samsung goes exclusively to the AMOLED and QLED screens. In this way, the production lines that are still occupied with LCD technology in China and South Korea, should be equipped in the coming months to start mass production of Quantum-Dot LED (QLED) panels

Still, Samsung is currently at the peak of its LCD production, to be able to respond to all pending orders.

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Still, even with all these blocks, you need to be aware that watching TV content is no longer exclusive to living rooms… That is, you no longer need to see your favorite team, the episodes of the series you like best or the latest movies on TV, you can just watch everything online!

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Samsung will abandon the LCD screen as early as 2020!

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