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(Special) Does heat generated by wireless charging damage the phone?

by ace

Does wireless charging damage your phone? Wireless charging is a technology that is obviously not essential, but in reality it gives us another level of comfort. After all, we don’t have to worry about cables! Just pick up the phone, put it on top of the charging base and continue to work.

However, there have always been some doubts about the heat generated by the charger itself, especially now that we are starting to see the first quick-charging solutions. After all, when we pick up the phone, it is undeniably hot, which normally in the world of technology is never a good sign.

But is this heat high enough to create serious problems with the smartphone’s hardware?

Well, the site ZDNET decided to understand the extent to which this heat could create problems when using an iPhone 11 Pro, an Anker PowerWave High-Speed ​​charger, as well as the thermal camera of the Blackview BV9800 Pro. We will try to understand the results of this test.

Leave the phone to charge overnight?

This is probably the case that most frightens users, due to the fact that the mobile phone is about 6 ~ 8 hours on top of the charging platform. If something goes wrong, people are asleep and nobody can handle it.

Well, first, the charger was left on all night, showing a temperature of 19.3ºC, with the wooden table showing a temperature of 17.2ºC. Subsequently, the test was started, placing the mobile phone in the base, in order to make several measurements over a few hours.

That said, after the first 30 minutes, the temperature rose to 32ºC. However, the table temperature rose to 18.2ºC. After an hour, the temperature of the charger reached 35ºC, with the surrounding area reaching 23.5ºC. However, from here the thing stabilized.

In short, everything normal! All the following measurements showed a constant temperature of ~ 30ºC, with the table at ~ 20ºC.


Very briefly, yes, the charger will get hot and so will your phone. But this is normal, everything is within the operating temperature limit of modern smartphones.

That said, if you want to lower these temperatures, remove the cover before putting the phone into charge, do not put the charger in bright sunlight, and make sure to place it on a flat place, such as a table. Never place a wireless charger on a sofa, blanket, etc … (It can block the air intakes).

Does the heat from wireless charging damage the phone? – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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