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(Special) Intel vs AMD – An authentic lesson in greed!

by ace
(Special) Intel vs AMD - An authentic lesson in greed!

Intel vs AMD

Intel vs AMD – AMD knew how to take advantage of the rival's greed – Do you still remember when the PlayStation 3 hit the market, with its super powerful Cell processor? It was a super complex CPU, which despite offering a lot of performance, was a real nightmare for programmers in the many studios of the era.

But do you know why? The world was not yet ready for multi-core processors! And do you know whose fault it is?

Well, whenever a new technology appears on the market with potential, ‘developers’ are basically obliged to find a way to use it… This has the curious name of evolution!

The truth is that although the PC is comparatively more powerful than any console on the market. Many of the tools used by studios and programmers are based on a lot of good stuff discovered or created in previous generations of consoles. We live in a completely interconnected world, despite the rivalry between platforms.

After this introduction, let's talk a little bit about processors, from AMD, from Intel, but also from the next generation of consoles … Which there are, are based on AMD hardware.

(Special Intel vs AMD) AMD knew how to take advantage of Intel's 'greed'!

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As you may know, both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be extremely more powerful than any other console on the market. In fact, if the specifications already known are correct, they will be as powerful as a current mid / high-end PC. Which is without a doubt excellent news for all enthusiasts.

The graphics power of PS5 and Xbox will be between 4 ~ 6x greater than the current Xbox One X queen, in addition, we will have an increase of 3 or 4x more RAM, which in turn will enable REALLY open worlds . Not to mention SSD storage, which apparently will even be able to welcome Gen4 SSDs (PCIe 4.0 -> 5000MB / s) … Something still extremely rare in the PC world!

That said, if you think that the new SSDs are only focused on eliminating loading, you are very wrong! The idea is that there are no limiting factors in the new consoles … Of course, do not limit the new extremely powerful processors.

After all, we will see an increase of about 8x in the computational performance of the processors of the new consoles, as we can count on CPUs capable of offering 8 cores and 16 threads. Which makes us look with a different eye at what AMD is still doing in the CPU world!

Intel vs AMD – Just as AMD saw the ‘future’, Intel saw it too! But this is where things get interesting

If you happen to be aware of the PC market, you know that AMD currently has a super cheap processor capable of offering 6 cores and 12 threads for around 120 €, the Ryzen 5 2600.

Which in a very curious way, begins to reveal the true strategy of the microprocessor manufacturer, compared to the giant and still market leader Intel.

So, given the flood of AMD Ryzen products with lots of cores and threads, if you happen to be stuck with an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor a few years old, an upgrade is stupidly easy and cheap! This is if you have no problems entering the AMD Universe.

Of course, Intel has also known for several years that the world of ‘quad-core’ processors had its days numbered. The company chose to curb innovation, to increase its profits.

Incidentally, if you happen to be a fan of the Battlefield saga, you know that BF4 already gave some problems to PCs based on Intel Core i5 CPUs in 2013. This while the PS4 and Xbox One consoles had no major problems in their execution.

All thanks to Intel's greed …

That is, Intel knew that it had to start developing and commercializing processors with 6 or 8 processing cores. The problem is that he didn't want to do it, until his production offered the exact same level of profit that the dual-core and quad-core processors meant at that time.

(Special) Intel vs AMD - An authentic lesson in greed!3 Quad-Core processors side by side. Notice only the size of the die at the last! This is what Intel wanted, to push profits to the limit.

Intel focused on miniaturization (32nm -> 22nm -> 14nm), while offering the same number of cores, and of course … Little significant performance increases. Something that increased his profits fiercely for several years. (Until the launch of the Intel Core 7000, namely the top of the range still quad-core, the i7-7700k)

So Intel was waiting for the 10nm process to continue to make the same money, while starting to produce really innovative products with 6, or 8, processing cores.

The problem here was that 10nm was a real stab in the back of Intel… And of course, AMD's Zen architecture was a completely unexpected success for almost everyone.

Thus, Intel's plans to produce 6 or 8-core processors with the exact same size as a 14nm quad-core, to maintain the same profit margins went to waste.

Intel no longer knew what it was like to have to compete with a real AMD!

When the first leaks about the performance of the first AMD Ryzen processors began to appear, many experts expressed some doubts after the company's successive failures with Bulldozer and Pilledriver architectures.

However, the truth is that the market was really impressed when the first CPUs hit the shelves! And as such, it quickly opened its arms to a hurt AMD, almost bankrupt … But ready to fight.

But even so, even after seeing AMD ready to fight, by bringing more cores and more threads to the table, Intel did not change plans to launch its Coffee-Lake processors with an increase in cores, only at the end of 2018. That is, Intel gave AMD a free year!

Interestingly, even after Intel realized that AMD was a real threat. The processor giant continued to believe that the rival would never cross the 8-core barrier, and that it would easily maintain the crown of performance per clock (IPC)… Basically another shot in the foot.

Intel vs AMD – AMD has changed the gaming world!

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We have had dual core processors on the market for almost two decades, however, programmers have never learned to divide tasks equally. That is, even with a second core at their disposal, the 'devs' only depended fiercely on the primary core, while sending some minor tasks to the second core.

Something that was repeated with the arrival of quad-core! While a core was heavily used, the rest was basically 10 ~ 30%, with minor tasks.

However, when the market starts to be flooded with processors with 6 cores and 12 threads, or 8 cores and 16 threads… The paradigm changes, and it changes a lot!

That is why the very recent Ryzen 9 3950X with 32 threads can already be used by several modern games. Something achievable thanks to AMD's efforts in the console world (PS4 and Xbox One are based on AMD multi-core hardware), but also to the Zen architecture that brought really multi-core processors to the masses in the PC world. this I started the article talking about the consoles

Intel vs AMD – What is Intel's response to AMD? Low prices? Will it be enough? This is a game that can be played by 2!

Intel is still stuck with the 14nm process… However, it is now a super ultra mature process (as we can see from the amount of ‘+’ in the name of the process).

Therefore, the company can lower prices as it sees fit, without losing as much money as might be expected. The problem is that AMD can do exactly the same! With significantly larger losses of course money, but at this point, to gain more reputation in the market, it is basically an investment that could pay big dividends in the future!

As a matter of fact, I just spoke about Ryzen 5 2600 at ~ 120 €. But I didn't mention the new Ryzen 5 1600AF that hit the market recently at 70 ~ 80 €, a processor also capable of offering 6 cores and 12 threads, for the price of a branded sweater.

Or the Ryzen 7 2700X with 8 cores and 16 threads that can be purchased at the price of rain. In short, I have no idea how Intel can compete with this.

Intel vs AMD – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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