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(Special) Is it true that deleting files from an SSD can 'kill' you?

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(Special) Is it true that deleting files from an SSD can 'kill' you?

This is more or less true, but first we have to understand the root of the problem. If you don't know, erasing information from a disc does not directly erase it. That is, the file is still there, it was just removed from the disk directory (the system that manages all files and their location.)

Very briefly, when you delete a file from your hard drive, you are just marking that space as free, even though there are still files.

(Special) Is it true that deleting files from an SSD can harm you?


Therefore, what creates damage in an SSD is the writing of information. Basically, whenever you record something on an SSD, it is making a small dent in its durability. This is because the memory cells of these drives have a very low average life expectancy.

Therefore, there is a limit to the number of times that you can write information in each of these cells, before they become unusable.

In short, any act of writing damages your SSD. That said, it is not the deletion of files that causes a dent, it is the addition or modification of these.

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