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(Special) Where's the innovation in the smartphone world?

by ace
(Special) Where's the innovation in the smartphone world?

When was the last major launch of a high-end smartphone that left you jaw-dropping? That is, when did you see a new smartphone with a feature that it really had to have in your hand, as soon as the first units hit the market?

It is nothing new for anyone that the big manufacturers are in a constant war to offer the best possible specifications on the market, in order to try and get the attention of consumers. However, it is easy to come to the conclusion that we no longer have many manufacturers willing to take serious risks. Basically, the war on specifications and features exists, but it turns out to be just an iterative rather than revolutionary evolution.

(Special) Where's the innovation in the smartphone world?

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So, in the good old days, fans of the technological world were stuck with the screens and the most important tech news media of the time, in order to immediately know all the news! That is, what new components and incredible features we would receive in the new generation of devices.

In fact, even when we started receiving less new stuff, it was still possible to see margins disappear, image quality to increase, and still photographic performance to put the dedicated camera market at risk… Above all, it was possible to take a device from last year in one hand, and another device from this year in another, and see the differences.

Something that unfortunately does not happen in 2020. The differences between the P40 Pro and P30 Pro, S20 and S10 or even iPhone 11 and iPhone Xs, are insignificant for most users.

Unfortunately, we can even say that the latest phones are full of things that at first glance seem brutal, but that in reality we will never make the most of it. We have an amount of RAM worthy of a top Gaming PC, sensors with Megapixels to give and sell, and even a processing power worthy of a very decent laptop. All things that seem interesting, but that actually only serve to compete in marketing, and of course, to increase prices.

But calm down… There is still innovation in the smartphone market!

Yes, it exists, however … You will not find it on the high end market.

For example, the high frame rate of the new high-end OLEd screens. It was first adopted by the Gaming smartphone niche, and only now has been taken to the mainstream.

Speaking of which, we must also look at the Chinese market, which is being able to present technical characteristics at a price much more affordable than the large ones in the market. Here I can talk about the RealMe X2 Pro, the Mi 9T Pro, and even the Mi 10 5G, which can rival the vast majority of the tops of the range, at a third of the price.

In the meantime, fans continue to dream about brutal tops, with revolutionary designs … Just look at the concepts of the new iPhone year after year. Of course, they never come true.

(Special) Where's the innovation in the smartphone world?

Samsung is an example of innovation in the high ranges with the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip! However, at the slightest error, it is immediately crucified!

This turns out to be a little unfair to manufacturers as well, as we are ready to criticize for not bringing anything new to the table, but we are also soon ready to destroy any effort out of the box, such as the Galaxy Fold, the first major experience in the world of mobile phones, which as you may know, went a little wrong for the South Korean giant.

In short, we are also to blame for the lack of innovation … It is that although innovation generates excitement, there is always a big difference between something reaching the market and something reaching the market.

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(Special) Where's the innovation in the smartphone world?

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