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(Special) Why is the front camera always weaker?

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(Special) Why is the front camera always weaker?

It is undeniable that the big bet of any high-end smartphone (and even some mid-range) is its photographic performance! We have more and more cameras, more and more mega-pixels, and increasingly thicker modules. However, despite this super focus from manufacturers, it seems that the front camera never sees much progress! Which, in fact, causes some confusion for some consumers … Since in a world so dominated by the famous selfies, with social networks dominating much of our life. Why do manufacturers not give this component more weight?

Why don't we see more efforts in this field, like what ASUS did on the ZenFone 6, by bringing the same rear camera system to consumers' ‘selfie game’?

(Special) Why is the front camera always weaker?

Note 10 screen, camera

Therefore, the front camera is almost always a concern for manufacturers, first because of its size, and then because of its cost. In the end, in the big race to the infinite screen, nobody wants to have a giant camera right in front of customers' eyes. Especially when not all users are keen to use this little component.

That's why there is a great effort to hide the front camera as much as possible, whether in a small hole in the screen, in a 'notch drop of water', or even in a 'pop-up' module. In fact, there are even those who are trying to hide the camera under the OLED screen. In other words, the front camera is more of an obstacle than something to point out in the spec sheet.

However, in a very curious way, this has a raison d'être … The front camera is already too good for its original purpose.

In short, why is the resolution (Mega-pixels) of the front camera lower than the rear cameras? Because current resolutions are more than enough for ‘normal’ use! After all, for selfies or simple video calls, no higher resolution is required.

In fact, it would be terrible for mobile network providers to have high-resolution front-facing cameras, because it would significantly increase the data transfer requirements for video calls, Skype, FaceTime, Videoconferences, etc … Of course, it could also end up becoming more expensive the monthly data plan.

Very briefly, the rear cameras rule the world of smartphone photography. Because they are used for various types of image capture.

However, the front camera was originally added for video calls, something that I never need high resolution. Of course, it later gained popularity with selfies … But still, why would more resolution be needed? Thinking about taking pictures to crop and zoom your Nose in HD?

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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