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Stranger Things: it’s goodbye to the most beloved couple in the series!

by ace

Stranger Things is undoubtedly a series with a lot of action and drama but that adds some romance to the mix. After all, formed couples are more than many, where some are almost miraculously together.

That said, now that we are striding towards the beginning of the fourth season of the series, here we are being revealed some things by the actors themselves, who even mentioned that the most beloved couple in the series will end … But it will be is this really true or just bluff?

Are Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers really going to split up? What happened to the Stranger Things couple?

Without giving too many Spoilers about the new season of Stranger Things, we only know that the Byers family is “out of the series”, once it leaves. The actress who plays Nancy said the following during an interview:

“I think Nancy is lonely … With Jonathan leaving, who can she approach? The series portrays the 1980s, and as you might imagine, the two will not be able to keep in touch via Skype or Facetime. ”

“It will be a great separation that looks more like the end of an era. But Nancy’s instinct for curiosity and determination, which is part of her personality, will make sure that this part of her life is not forgotten. I can see it myself. ”

The actor who plays Jonathan Byers in the series also commented on this subject saying the following:

“There is that distance now and distance has always been a very difficult thing to deal with in a relationship. Jonathan and Nancy have always been on the same team and both have the same goals. And the fact that this is the first time that the two are in a relationship, I think it will never be forgotten. ”

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In short, we will really have to wait and see what surprises Netflix has in store for us and whether this couple will even split up in Stranger Things. I hope not! Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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